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Alaska Senate/House Update: Tens of thousands of votes to be counted

Right now, both Mark Begich and Ethan Berkowitz are trailing in their respective races for the House and the Senate. But it is in no way certain that they will lose, because right now there are potentially 100,000 uncounted early votes.

I was at the Interior Democrats results-watching party in Fairbanks this evening, and it very quickly became clear that the results, as shown, simply do not comport with electoral reality. How do we know this? Simple: look at the numbers.

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Meet Ethan Berkowitz, Alaska U.S. House Candidate

This election is about change for working people, and Alaska is a state that hangs in the balance.  

Many people across the country are paying attention to Alaska's U.S. Senate race, as AFL-CIO endorsed Democrat Mark Begich attempts to unseat indicted 40-year incumbent Ted Stevens.  But that isn't the only race that could signal substantial change in Alaska.

Democrat Ethan Berkowitz is posing a serious threat to 35-year incumbent Don Young in the race for Alaska's only U.S. House seat.

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AK-AL: Ethan Berkowitz Will Face Rep. Don Young In November

It's now official, incumbent Alaska Congressman Don Young (R-corruption) has won his primary battle over Lt. Governor Sean Parnell by 304 votes and will in fact be on the ballot in November. Parnell has announced will not seek a recount.

Parnell said in a statement Thursday that he trusts the state Division of Elections' original count and does not want to waste more taxpayer money.

"If I thought there was anything wrong, inappropriate or unprofessional about the way this election tally was conducted, I would not only call for a recount, I would demand one. But that is not the case here," Parnell stated. "While a recount could change the outcome of this exceedingly close election -- normal human error being what it is -- such a result is unlikely. As such, I do not believe it justifies an expenditure of taxpayer funds."

This is excellent news for the Democratic nominee, Ethan Berkowitz, who has been polling better against Young than he has against Parnell. Just check out the new DailyKos/Research 2000 numbers:

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 9/15-17. Likely voters. MoE 4% (7/14-16 results)

Young (R) 39 (40)
Berkowitz (D) 53 (51)

Parnell (R) 43
Berkowitz (D) 48

Thanks, Alaska!

The primary was on August 26, a few days before Sarah Palin was tapped to be McCain's running mate, so one wonders what might have happened if it had been a few days later. Parnell is Palin's Lt. Governor after all, as well as her hand-picked challenger to Young, so was in a unique position to take advantage of Palin mania, although looking at those poll numbers, it's amazing just how not a factor Palin has been in the race. But now, Parnell is in the interesting position of possibly inheriting the governorship if Palin-McCain...er...McCain/Palin were somehow able to pull off a ridiculous victory, a fact that no doubt has played into Parnell's decision to concede.

If you'd like to find out more about Berkowitz, check out his website HERE and if you're in the LA area, he's having a small dollar fundraiser tonight that I'm going to, details at the Facebook Event page.

Update [2008-9-19 10:8:27 by Todd Beeton]:This video is hilarious. Once again Sarah Palin -- here in her Sean Hannity interview -- takes credit for having "killed" the bridge to nowhere and notice whom she blames the bridge on:

I think I ruffled some feathers there also with our congressman who had been requesting that bridge for so many years.

"Congressman?" Interesting, no mention of the not so distinguished senator from Alaska who had taken a leadership role -- to put it lightly -- when it came to trying to get that bridge built.

The money -- championed by Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, the powerful head of the Senate Appropriations Committee -- was earmarked to help construct a bridge between Ketchikan and Gravina Island in the Alaskan Inland Passage in the southeastern corner of the state. A ferry boat now provides transportation between the two points. [...]

Stevens had argued that the bridges were needed to spur economic development on Gravina Island and in Knik. The proposed Gravina Island bridge is not a "bridge to nowhere," Stevens said Wednesday; "it's the bridge to the future."

Don Young, meet bus.

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The Fulfillment of the American Dream, Alaska Style

I may get some hits for this diary, but it is heartfelt and sincere, and since it shares a heartfelt and sincere position with Jon Soltz of VoteVets.org, I feel good about it. I want to urge my fellow progressives to pull all stops out for Diane Benson, running for Congress in Alaska. Of all the candidates I have ever met, she is quite possibly the best. But precisely because she is from a working class, Native American background and has not been a part of the political game, she is the longshot, grassroots candidate. But from the point of view of the working class, our soldiers and veterans, she is one of the best candidates to come around in a very, very long time. If Diane Benson is the next Representative from Alaska, America will have a great deal to be proud of.

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