If I lived in Pennsylvania...

If I lived in Pennsylvania I would be very upset at how Clinton and McCain were waging their attacks on Obama.

I would be awfully unhappy with the pandering that Hillary was doing as she makes herself out to be a family-culture-gun-shooter behind the cabin with Daddy.

I would feel that her "drink with the boys" moment in Indiana which she promoted in Pennsylvania day and night made me seem unable to discuss political issues.

I would be upset that both Clinton and McCain were making Obama out to be an "elitist" as they snuggled against their millions and upper-class backgrounds while Obama wouldn't be able to hail an uptown cab in New York at night.

I would wonder why PACs and lobbyists were the fundamental source of Hillary's money-raising while donations averaging $125.00 were Obama's - and he was topping both other candidates in raising funds, even among small-towners.

I would be perfectly aware that Obama respected my intelligence and education, whereas Hillary and McCain treated me like an easily motivated child.

I don't live in Pennsylvania. And I hope West Virginia will rise above this crap.

Under The LobsterScope

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Does anyone else see the irony?

Obama calls small town people "bitter" and clinging to God and Guns.

Clinton seizes the moment calling him an elitist and out of touch. She talks about learning how to shoot as a young girl which doing a shot and drinking beer with the locals.

Obama reacts with "Shame on You" and calling her "Annie Oakley, duck hunting with a six shooter."

The pundits on Sunday morning have another field day dissecting Obama's remarks and Hillary's behavior.

All of this culmintates on a Sunday evening at a "Compassion Forum" where the 2 discuss religion, compassion and spirituality.

Meanwhile, John McCain skates through the weekend with no news or controversy.

It's like watching a Coen brother film.

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Jim Webb: Another Elitist

In a 2006 op-ed to that haunt of uppity, anti-white, tree-hugging  liberals--The Wall Street Journal--this Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, former Navy Secretary under Reagan, former Vietnam veteran, whose son has served in the current war in Iraq, has the gall to suggest that "working Americans" have--dare I say it--"clung" to emotional issues like "God and guns" in the face of economic distress.

The nerve!

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Double Standards (or learning to love being outraged)

I'm an Obama supporter. I said that in my first diary and I'll say it again. If you look at my comments, you'll see I'm not a rabid supporter, but I generally prefer him to the other candidates.

So I'm observing a strange phenomenom here in MyDD land amongst HRC supporters. That is, many are applying a double standard to judge the candidates and their words.

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Do People Even Care?

Here's a question: do people who don't follow politics obsessively or who don't have an interest in undermining Barack Obama's candidacy even care about Obama's comments? Watching NBC News's coverage of the fallout from his comments with my family, my Republican parents and my independent brother all had the very same reaction: "what's the big deal?" And they never agree on anything. So, while I admit I cringed when I read what Obama had said, for people in the real world is there really any there there?

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