Obama's Inadequate Energy Policy

Obama's clearly interested in demonatrating to the American people that he will turn the corner on the energy crisis by advocating real change.  Unfortunately, his energy program has another agenda and that is to protect the interests of the oil and coal industries.

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Electric Speeeeeeed!!!

One of the most pervasive views that I have worked hard against is that electric vehicles are small, slow, derivatives of golf carts. Golf carts may be slow, but electric vehicles never have been.

The Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat of Paris, France on his electric vehicle the Jeantaud landspeed.com

I just want to set the record straight. The first speed record ever recorded for an automobile was done on December 18, 1898 in an electric vehicle.

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Clean Car Research Never Reaches Production

GM's Impact prototype vehicle later to be produced as the EV1

It seems that every 10 years or so US automakers take a bunch of money from the Federal Government and sometimes state and local governments in developing one or two high mileage demonstration vehicles. I believe this is to assure government that it is capable of producing a vehicle that truly saves on gasoline. The automakers meet the objectives of the contract; they roll out one or two vehicles, but then they do nothing else. They show the world that the US auto industry can make production vehicles that get 80+ miles to the gallon and then arrogantly refuse to produce them after having soaked up all of the government research dollars.

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Electric Vehicles at National Science Foundation

The local weatherman said the day was going to be cold and windy. He warned of a nor'easter on its way, but the tenacious EVers from the EVA/DC were undeterred. This was a rare opportunity. This was a special occasion indeed. The National Science Foundation sponsors an informal gathering at its headquarters to bring the lofty air of its work to a comfortable more accessible venue. And what could be more comfortable than a Café? A Café Scientifique it is. The National Science Foundation's Café Scientifique is held on the first Tuesday of every month. It is a place to gather around eat a little, drink a little and talk about science. This past March 6th the Café Scientifique dedicated itself to, "The Shocking Science Behind Electric Cars." And EVA/DC and its leadership were the speakers.

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