When I First Caught the EV Bug

When people ask me when did I start becoming interested in electric vehicle I honestly tell them I can't remember. Electric vehicles weren't an "aha!" moment in my life where I suddenly realized that I was seeing something revealed for the first time. Electric vehicles and many other forms of capturing and using alternative energy have always been in my psyche. I think it goes back the OPEC oil embargo of the 1970's.

I was a preteen and a teenager during that time, very much interested in cars and driving, as well as being interested in science's ability to solve our everyday problems. One of our neighbors purchased one of Bob Beaumont's tiny Sebring-Vanguard CitiCars and I was enthralled. I never got a chance to look at it up close. I just would see it driving on the street here and there every once and a while. The Apollo space missions were well on their way and on the moon was an electric car. I remember going to GM's Tomorrow Land in Disney World and becoming fascinated by what I saw.

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How Big Oil played dirty

Here's the story of the destruction of a concept - an electirc car - that would put hundreds of dollars back in the pockets of any commuter who could drive an electric car: what if you had no engine repair bills nor regular oil changes to pay for?

But why did the car companies collaborate? Electric cars have no combustion engine - and it is in maintaining and replacing those engines that makes up a hefty chunk of Detroit's profits. A transition to batteries, which require little maintenance, would be a disaster for their balance sheets.

This is only one insightful paragraph from Johann Hari's column published in the Independent UK a few days ago. I recommend it highly for his analysis of how the petroleum and auto industries took the electric car out of consumers' hands and put it into the discard pile. Ever looking to maintain the status quo and the big profit center in their dealership repair shops, Detroit joined in the squashing of the electric car.

I'd recommend that everyone send this link to their senators and representative.

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We Can Build a Pollution Free Car NOW!!!

The Tesla Roadster all electric vehicle has 250 mile range on a single charge.

It is time to get serious about producing an Electric car that is practical. Today we are at the brink of a new automotive revolution. Electric technology has reached the point where we can put a practical electric car into full production, a car that will surpass the convenience of its internal combustion cousins. Don't believe me? Let me list just some of the technologies that make it possible TODAY. Read on.

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