Dixville Notch

Not that these results are particularly meaningful, but for whatever it's worth, here are the results from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire:

John McCain: 6 votes
Barack Obama: 15 votes

How are you feeling?

Update [2008-11-4 0:41:42 by Todd Beeton]:Wow, the Mac is so not back. Well, in this little corner of New Hampshire, anyway, which has really had no predictive value of New Hampshire's vote or the nation's. The last time Dixville Notch voted for a Democrat was in 1968 when they voted for Hubert Humphrey. Other recent results per wikipedia:

Bush 19
Kerry 7

Bush 21
Gore 5
Nader 1

Dole 18
Clinton 8
Perot 1
Browne 1

Bush 15
Perot 8
Marrou 5
Clinton 2

Barack's win does seem to have bucked conventional wisdom, however. Check out CNN's take before the vote came in:

But the result could be close this year given Democrats now outnumber Republicans there.

According to Donna Kaye Erwin, the supervisor of the voter checklist, Dixville Notch has five registered Democrats, four Republicans and 11 undeclared voters.

Yeah, a real nail biter.

Update [2008-11-4 2:25:28 by Todd Beeton]:Hart's Location, NH voted for Obama as well, 17-10.

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Ron Paul '08: A Primary vs Caucus Results Case Study

No serious political observer ever believed that Ron Paul had a real chance to win the Republican nomination for President in 2008. Ron Paul was always destined to be a spirited also ran. But one thing Ron Paul was clarly able to do was gather a very enthusiastic and determined group of followers around him who were willing to go to extrordinary lengths in their attempt to win Ron Paul the Republican nomination. I decided to review the election results for the Republican contests using February 5th as a snap shot in time baseline, while Mitt Romney was still in the race and Republicans still had 4 contenders actively fighting for the nomination. I wanted to see if there was any noticable difference in how Ron Paul, with his highly motivated core base of support, performed in Primary vs Caucus contests. This is what I found.

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What's the Matter with CALIFORNIA???

I wrote this for today's Beyond Chron.

Last night, Barack Obama accomplished what no insurgent presidential candidate has ever done: survive Super Tuesday.  The Illinois Senator did so by amassing a broad coalition of blacks, liberals and red-state Democrats - paying off dividends across the country except in California.  Hillary Clinton's ten-point win here exceeded expectations, and such baffling returns will keep progressives guessing for days what went wrong in the Golden State.  Clinton won in part because she got a large share of support from white women and Latinos - her traditional base - as well as from Asian-Americans.  But Obama also got slaughtered in the Central Valley and other conservative parts of the state - defying the national trend, and confining his base to San Francisco and other liberal coastal counties.  The state's electorate was also very conservative when it came to Propositions: voters approved 4 anti-labor Indian gaming compacts, sinked a measure to fund community colleges, and (while it's good news for progressives that Prop 93 failed) kept the status quo for term limits.

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OH-05: Election Results Thread

Polls are now closed in OH-05. Results will be updated HERE.

Also we may get live reports from HQ where they're watching local TV coverage.

Swing State Project has a handy chart of baseline numbers for how each county performed in 2006 when Robin Weirauch won 43% of the vote.

Update [2007-12-11 19:49:47 by Todd Beeton]:OK, they're taking their sweet time. Anyone care to make some predictions?

<Update [2007-12-11 22:6:52 by Todd Beeton]: Results are trickling, and I do mean trickling in.

With 79.13% precincts reporting:

Latta (R): 56.05%
Weirauch (D): 43.77 %

And by the way, check out this sweet interactive election returns map.

Update [2007-12-11 22:2:52 by Todd Beeton]:The AP has officially called it for Latta. Good effort everyone and thanks to all the volunteers on the ground and of course, Robin. If there's a takeaway, it's that it's going to take outspending us 2 to 1 to keep Democratic challengers to 2006 levels and we all know they just don't have that kind of money. We made them blow a huge wad of cash this time around.

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Congress 2008: Who's Running?

I wanted to share with everyone a brand new site that we have been putting together over the past couple of months: DC Critters. This site lists every House and Senate incumbent and the vote totals by county for each race. The site also lists any challenger or potential challenger for the seat in 2008 (the Senate seats that are up in 2010 and 2012 will be updated as candidates announce as well.)

This should be somewhat of a clearinghouse for election data and candidate announcements so we will keep it updated as the candidates begin to announce for 2008.

If you are a data geek like us, this site is pure heaven!

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