Emergency Paper Ballots for 2006: YOU MUST CALL TODAY

Senators Boxer, Dodd, and Feingold, as well as Rep. Rush Holt, have introduced a bill to provide funding to jurisdictions to print emergency paper ballots for the November election. Any jurisdiction that accepts the money must offer a paper ballot to any voter who requests one on election day.

Follow the flip.

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MD-04: New Votes Unearthed in PG County

Good times - Matt


In Montgomery and Prince George's counties yesterday, election officials continued to count the thousands of paper provisional ballots that could determine the outcome of the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary race between incumbent U.S. Rep. Albert R. Wynn and challenger Donna Edwards. Prince George's officials yesterday cracked opened 26 machines and retrieved votes that had not been counted.
A full eight days after the primary, these votes are only now being discovered. Who's doing the election counting? FEMA?

More details in extended.

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Congress Declares Sole Power to Decide Elections

Fatal Error! Your election system will now close!

At least if Congress has its way it will.

According to an extraordinary letter sent in an ex parte communication to the judge in the CA50 (Busby/Bilbray) election integrity lawsuit by Congress, only Congress has sole jurisdiction to decide who our representatives shall be. When Congress swore in Bilbray before the election results were certified, they claim, they removed all jurisdiction from the courts or any other authorities to intervene.

In other words, Congress is saying, "We don't need no stinkin' elections!"

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You mean, when they steal an election you can fight back?

Can't get it to work here, so go here: http://amsam.org/2006/08/you-mean-when-they-steal-election-you.html


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