When Only the Brave Speak Out

Apologies for this meta diary, but needs must. MYDD has many old friends and former posters who dare not write here any more. One of them has written an Open Letter to Jerome. Hold back the flames and the insults just for one moment and open your minds. Listen to what the letter says.  

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'Medaling' With Free Speech at the Olympics

President Bush is a liberal. Yes, he sounded just like as liberal. Maybe he is a closet liberal. Read Walter Brasch's interesting commentary to find out the truth.

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Do Progressives Allow Dissent?

Or is dissent no longer tolerated in the Democratic party?

Is peaceful protest no longer welcome?

What does it mean to be a Democrat?

Do Democrats delete minority voices?

GeekLove's voice was deleted....

"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."

 ---  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Latest manufactured controversy - Stifling dissent

There have been several complaints, mainly by the Obama-bashing crowd, about 'Obamabots' trying to stifle debate on this site. The same people who post diary after diary attempting to sow discord on this site are the ones doing most of the complaining.

They start with a valid point, like many of the posts by the concern trolls. There is nothing wrong with dissent. In fact, I'd go so far as to say dissent is vital to a functioning democracy. What is happening here, however, is not an attempt to stifle honest dissent. It is more about pushing back against people whose only aim is to hurt the Democratic candidate and, by extension, the party as a whole. It's one thing to complain about a policy stance of the candidate. That's not the same as constantly digging at the candidate over every little thing.

When someone comes on here and slams Obama for anything he says or does, no matter how innocent, then it's obvious they have no love for the Democratic party. When they parse his words, and the words of his supporters, to find something to complain about then they are only out to cause mischief. When they post talking points that can be found on red state or town hall, they are probably McCain backers trying to cause trouble. When they use Democrat party instead of Democratic they are really obvious. When they mention flag pins or the pledge or some other silly complaint then they are trolls. When they come to McCain's defense they are trolls (I've noticed a pattern emerging on this one). When they post diary after diary trying to drag down Obama, they are functioning as trolls. They might be redstaters, puma, or simply anti-obama for any of a number of reasons. It doesn't matter why they do it. Their intended effect is to turn as many voters away from the Democratic party as possible. Is that what this site wants to encourage?


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The New American Unspoken Manifesto

I have been thinking lately about that old quote from Nobel prizewinning author Sinclair Lewis: "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Thinking in terms of the past several years of the Bush 43 Administration, I can't help but draw many parallels; from the claims of "compassionate conservatism" to the current occupier of the White House consistently trotting out his faith, in a way to reassure that we're on the side of the angels and being led by a guy who is a really devotedly religious fellow. And we all know about the patriotism, or lack thereof, that have been regularly employed in an attempt to stifle any dissent. "Wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." How easy it would be to take over this country simply equipped with well-crafted and sellable rhetoric...

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