How Do I Post Images on Diaries?

I've been a very regular poster at, and my diaries are very heavy on images and maps.

The problem is that ever since the update I've been unable to post this images; I've had to use links, which strongly dilutes the effect of the images. I've tried a lot of things: the normal route to insert images doesn't work, the copy-paste method doesn't work, the html method doesn't work whether it's via wordpress html or photobucket html, and the edit post + then add image method doesn't work. It's become quite frustrating, which is why I'm putting out this plea for help.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for asking these types of questions, but I don't know what else to do. Otherwise it appears I'll just have to post links, which I strongly would prefer not to.



Wow talk about ratings abuse

Okay so I have had comments Hide Rated a lot recently. I have only given a Hide Rating to one post. I give troll ratings sparingly and try to only give them to post that attack and demean without provocation. Here is my most recent ratings that I have given:

1) Re: Fight for Equality [2.00], by feelfree, Rated: 2
Posted on 07/13/2008 03:33:01 PM EST
Rated on 07/13/2008 03:56:46 PM EST

2) He is black [1.41], by JJE, Rated: 1
Posted on 07/11/2008 01:00:23 PM EST
Rated on 07/11/2008 02:53:16 PM EST

3) Re: Obama's Fundraising Down? [2.00], by SophieL, Rated: 2
Posted on 07/10/2008 09:41:46 PM EST
Rated on 07/10/2008 10:12:32 PM EST

4) Re: John McCain Raises $22 M [2.00], by chiefscribe, Rated: 2
Posted on 07/10/2008 08:23:10 PM EST
Rated on 07/10/2008 08:40:20 PM EST

5) Re: Answer: Because the PUMA [2.00], by SuGeAtARC, Rated: 2
Posted on 07/10/2008 11:07:34 AM EST
Rated on 07/10/2008 12:41:24 PM EST

6) ultra tip jar [1.57], by Lakrosse, Rated: 2
Posted on 07/01/2008 07:02:14 PM EST
Rated on 07/01/2008 09:01:52 PM EST

7) Re: Last 2 weeks [1.50], by Reaper0Bot0, Rated: 1
Posted on 07/01/2008 01:34:02 PM EST
Rated on 07/01/2008 05:27:06 PM EST

8) Re: Honestly [1.25], by Tenafly Viper, Rated: 1
Posted on 06/23/2008 09:42:44 PM EST
Rated on 06/23/2008 10:37:37 PM EST

9) Why [1.92], by kevin22262, Rated: 2
Posted on 06/23/2008 09:02:04 PM EST
Rated on 06/23/2008 10:37:37 PM EST

10) Re: Methinks the best ticket may be [1.80], by ragekage, Rated: 1
Posted on 06/02/2008 10:20:26 PM EST
Rated on 06/02/2008 10:27:23 PM EST

11) And the trolls roll out... [1.65], by ragekage, Rated: 0
Posted on 06/02/2008 09:40:36 PM EST
Rated on 06/02/2008 10:27:23 PM ESTT

12) [Hidden Comment]

So here is a comment that was hide rated of mine:

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Stop with the one sentence diaries


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MyDD's future is brighter...take the ball and run.

Hillary's recent arrival at the land of statistical impossibility has been a god-send for MyDD.  It means that the loopier ideas being posted come across just as that..."loopy." It also means that the talking point machine from HRC no longer dominates the rec list 24/7/365.  This shoving of talking points down the collective gullet of MyDD has been a great disservice.  

Hey, have a revolution.  Throw out the ruling party and take the site back.  Talk about McCain, Iraq, Bush, the soldiers, the economy, the environment, etc.  You can even ignore Obama.  Yet, rise from the ashes.  Kick out those surrogates, kick out those people who do the oddest of contortions.  Despite some recent advances on MyDD, today, there were two top rec'ed diaries which sucked up your energy with the ground breaking news...a small paper, Argus Leader, backs Hillary.  Not only were both posts redundant, they were of no real moment.  The Argus Leader has as the other top story, someone took a lawn mower for an uneventful joy ride.  This is a state with 15 delegates and few few total voters.  If HRC wins with amazing numbers in SD it will not put even the smallest of dents into the numbers.  Yet, this is headline news on the rec list that a paper with a daily circulation of less than 60K backs Hillary.  Why?  Push back.  Take your site back.  Talk about things other than a race which would appear to be over.  Even if it is not "over" then start to do some justice to the site and become "bigger."

I know there is going to be a flood of hostile reactions.  Yet, think about it.  What is the future of your beloved site if the world is right and the race between Hillary and Obama is over?  There remains an ember here.  One which could light a fire and become relevant to the important remaining points.  Take a breath and start building.  The other day your top diarist won top billing on the site by reposting a talking points bulletin which was first posted in Feb.!!  Stop letting people, directed by candidates, from putting nails in your collective coffin.  REVOLT...take your site back.  You are dynamic and edgy participants looking for change.  Let your voices break through.  

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Childish Obama Supporter Diaries

We have another example of this even as I type.  It's up on the Reccommed list.  Yes, these diaries get a surprising amount of support to actually recommend them.  They have tantrums when they see a diary they don't like, which usually means it's promoting HIllary Clinton, or it shows the weakness of Barack Obama.

This is some of behaviors that have been propagated by the candidate.  Actually giving the illusion that this is a behavior that is accepted or even admired.  Or is it just a simple fact that they can't be original and and copy someone eles's words that sounded too good not to re use, one more time.....maybe even twice or three times.  Again, another example we've seen by the candidate.  Reusing speeches from other candidates like John Edwards and Deval Patrick, brought to us by the creator David Axelrod.

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