Daily Outrage on the Flag Desecration Amendment

There have been some wonderful diaries on the flag desecration amendment, but it's important enough to throw out another -- and another, and another, every day, until this battle is won. We need to keep the issue at the top of our priorities so political leaders make no mistake in reading the netroots.

The Senate takes up flag desecration next week, in the form of debate about a constitutional amendment that would give Congress the authority to criminalize personal expression.

From what I can tell, the pro-amendment camp is a mere one vote away from watering down the bill of rights. And I'm pretty sure all 50 states stand ready to ratify. So next week is do or die on this issue.

The point of this diary is to expose the bizarre Orwellian inverted-speak at play here. We already know that Republicans are masters at this game. For example:

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