Sen. Obama has Bush's stamp of approval !

First I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Sen. Obama and his supporters who are on the brink of the senator obtaining the majority of the delegates. That of course does not include FL & MI but that is another matter.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I believe it is not the pledged delegates, not the brokers AKA super delegates and not Washington pundits that would be responsible for his nomination if he gets it. It is Pres. Bush that has selected Obama with his comments in Israeli Knesset. I am sure there is certain amount of what you may call "Strategary" involved here.

I think Democrats deserve that for foisting a ridiculous primary system on the electorate that net's the same number of delegates  for winning Idaho with over 13000 votes as winning Pennsylvania with over 214000. The system is joke. Democrats you better fix it soon.  

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Florida to Obama: No You Can't

     When Barack Obama takes his traveling tent revival to Florida on Wednesday he can expect those wildfires to still be burning in the hearts of many furious Democrats.

    Protests are planned for every event he attends from the moment his plane touches down until he leaves the state.  From fund raisers to rallies, he'll be greeted by Floridians demanding that their votes be counted.

    One organizer says the "No you can't" message should make it clear that Democrats can't win in November with a 48-state candidate and that the Obama charm offensive is meaningless without his committment to demand full representation for Florida at the Democratic National Convention.

    The Florida political fires won't be extinguished until the delegates are recognized.  So prepare for the heat, Barack.  You may get some big bucks from Palm Beach and Miami elites but don't expect to feel the love from the Florida rank and file.    

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Another Clinton Delegate switches to Obama

LL's on the scene at the Kennedy Rec Center in Shaw, where Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans is holding his re-election kickoff party.

In the company of council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Evans announced minutes ago he's throwing his support behind Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Evans had been a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter, co-chairing her campaign in the District. Earlier this month, he'd been elected by local Democrats to serve as an at-large delegate pledged to Clinton.

Asked to explain his move, Evans cited "just the momentum that was going behind it." He says he left a message with the Clinton campaign about the decision but was not able to speak with the senator before making the announcement today.

"It's important for the city that we have a good relationship with the next president," Evans says. ydesk/2008/05/17/jack-throws-support-to- obama/

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Open Letter to Rules Committee: Seat FL & MI

Inter-party debates aside, it is time that the Democratic party rise to the expectations of the voters.  This is my letter to the DNC Rules Committee urging them to seat the delegates in Michigan & Florida.  This is not about candidates, but about how much we as Americans value our right to vote.

"Dear Sir or Madame:

I am writing today as a concerned citizen that wishes to see the higher moral ground of the Democrats preserved in light of the mistakes in Michigan & Florida.  I know this issue is complicated, and that the stakes are high for the two candidates seeking the party nomination, but this question of votes is much more fundamental to who we are as Americans, and it demands your careful and thorough consideration.

In the United States of America, when votes are cast by citizens, they are then counted and acted upon accordingly.  Our Democracy has always stood by this basic and righteous approach to government.  Well, until the failed votes of Florida in 2000.  That travesty of Democracy lead to the election of George W Bush.  The GOP is a willing advocate for disenfranchisement of voters.  The play book the GOP uses to win elections is vastly different from that of the Democratic party.  We stand by our voters, listen more keenly to their opinions, and count their votes!  As surely as Al Gore fought to have votes counted in 2000, we should now respect every vote cast in this primary race.  If we are truly the party of change, and believe ourselves deserving of winning in November, then we must stand by the voters who cast ballots in good faith and out of respect for their civic duty.  Inasmuch as the GOP stands for the calculated disenfranchisement of voters, the Democratic Party must lead to the future as the party that hears every voice, and counts every vote!

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Hillary Democrats to the Floor!

It's projected that Hillary Clinton will have more popular votes than Barack Obama on June 3rd.  Some news organizations have already declared her the popular vote leader.  

Yet many party officials seem anxious to coronate Barack Obama prior to the Democratic convention.  They must have short memories, and have forgotten the sense of outrage and injustice we (the Democrats) experienced when Al Gore was robbed of his election mandate 8 years ago.

"Hillary Democrats" will feel aggrieved if the Superdelegates over-turn their votes.  It's naive to assume that they'll jump on the Unity Express to join forces against Republican enemies in November.  Millions of Democrats (and some others too) -- the majority of whom belong to that key demographic called women -- are already steaming mad at how Clinton is being treated by her colleagues, aided by a misogynist mass media.

As a reminder, Hillary Clinton has dedicated decades of her life to fighting for progressive causes and Democratic candidates.  She is a 2-term Senator from the 3rd largest state in the union, and a major voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee.  At the end of this primary process, she will have inspired nearly 20 million people to get out and vote for her.  Millions of them are just like me -- actively campaigning and donating for the first time in our lives.

Now, this takes nothing away from Senator Obama, as he has also inspired millions of people.  But he's getting the respect due from Democratic peers while Hillary Clinton -- champion of children and sick people and veterans and women -- is being treated like a nuisance. Some have even attacked her character and dignity, such as Obama surrogate Ted Kennedy who recently said that Clinton is not "in tune with...the nobler aspirations of the American people."

In the absence of a rational explanation for this abuse, millions of women (and men too) are fuming because, frankly, it reeks of good ole fashioned back-slapping sexism.  I'm not alone in wondering out loud whether a man in Clinton's position -- that is, a serious contender for the presidential nomination who has won swing states (most recently by 41%) and built a formidable coalition needed to win the White House -- would be taunted, ridiculed, and treated like an outcast.

As a woman who has been on the receiving end of double standards, and one who happens to believe that Hillary Clinton will be the best President of my lifetime, I want to urge Senator Clinton to take her campaign all the way to the convention floor.  By earning more than half the votes cast, she has every right to make her case directly to party representatives in the proper venue, and even a responsibility to the voters.

See, this is the way it is for Clinton supporters.  If you throw Hillary under the bus, we go with her.  And although our leader would be gracious in asking us to disregard the injustice, millions of "Hillary Democrats" will be unable to do so.  "Backlash" is a real social and psychological phenomenon.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Note:  please don't shoot the messenger.

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