FIGHT ON, Hillary!

"People have been trying to get me out of this race since political obituary has yet to be written..."

"It's not over until the votes are cast. It's not over until there's actually a tally that gives someone the nomination."
 -- Hillary Clinton on the campaign jet, June 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton is right, morally and legally.

I'm a person who likes to deal with facts.  So let's review some.

FACT: Superdelegates don't have votes until the convention. Until then, they have preferences.

FACT: The Clinton campaign reserved its right to appeal the RBC's Michigan decision to the Credentials Committee. A favorable outcome of that appeal will change the number of delegates needed for the nomination.  Until that appeal is heard, no one should be declaring victory based on 2118.

FACT: Barack Obama literally stole 59 delegates in Michigan: 4 from Hillary Clinton and 55 from Uncommitted, a legally recognized presidential status.  In a tactical error, Obama took his name off the ballot, and now a handful of political hacks at the DNC have set aside fundamental principles of election and constitutional law to effectively reverse his voluntary action.

FACT: These same RBC hacks lecture us disenfranchised Democrats about playing by the rules, but only when the rules favor Obama. (Case in point: the rules give my candidate Hillary Clinton the absolute right and authority to stay in the race and to take her case to the convention floor no matter how many superdelegates "declare.")

FACT:  Caucuses are unfair.  If Michigan delegates can be re-allocated using hokey-pokey methods, certainly it would be reasonable to use the results of actual primary elections in states which had caucuses  to "correct" the delegate tallies so that they are a fairer reflection of the peoples' will.

FACT: Hillary Clinton has won more popular votes than Barack Obama. And, yes, that includes Michigan. You can't have it both ways -- if Obama wants delegates from Michigan, then the popular vote counts.

FACT: Hillary Clinton is the stronger candidate -- by miles -- against John McCain. She has assembled a demographic coalition that has a 100% chance of winning the Presidency for the Democratic Party. She can win crucial states in the general election like Florida and West Virginia that Obama doesn't have a prayer of winning.

FACT: Hillary Clinton still out-polls both Barack Obama and John McCain in Electoral Vote surveys even in a climate of overt misogyny and sexism, even though the media has stopped treating her like a contender, and even in the face of criticism by officials in her own party for continuing to participate in the election.

FACT: Barack Obama's momentum has been sliding downhill since February, even though he has enjoyed the most lopsided media coverage of any presidential candidate in history, and even though he has spent more money, up to 4 times the amount, on advertising than Hillary Clinton. There is no indication that Obama's trajectory will recover anytime soon, especially not given the treasure chest of ammunition he and his wife have produced for the GOP and 527's.

FACT: Barack Obama -- the candidate who promised to transcend race -- threw the race card around in this campaign without shame and with no apparent regard for the long-term consequences to the reputations of two loyal public servants, the Clintons, or the long-term impact on society.

FACT: Barack Obama, if not directly, suggested that white voters who chose Hillary Clinton over him by 30 and 40-point margins in some states did so because of racism, when HE is the one hanging out and praying with his group of racist friends and preachers.

FACT: A huge portion (some polls say up to 50%) of Hillary Clinton supporters would not vote for Barack Obama in the general election, regardless of whether Clinton endorses him or campaigns for him.

FACT: Hillary Clinton will not only be a superior general-election candidate for the Democrats, she will be the best President our country could elect during these perilous and serious times.

On behalf of millions of Hillary Clinton supporters, I want to be sure that she knows where we stand.

FIGHT ON, Hillary. For the people.

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These Myths Were Rebuked In the Fairest Forum Yet...

A number of prominent bloggers here at MyDD seem to have been taken with the idea that, instead of a fair and forthright nominating contest in which a winner emerged based on the party's rules governing delegate allocation, the 2008 Democratic Primary was a coup d'etat of epic political proportions carefully orchestrated by a vast conspiracy to deny one candidate's rightful claim to the nomination.

Let me be clear, the Democratic Party has chosen to nominate my second choice for the Presidency. This sucks. And there are no two ways about this. But I also want to make it clear that I will support my party's nominee 100% of the time with as much energy as I possibly have. And furthermore, I will not sit by while a number of disgruntled individuals use misinformation and deceit to engage in a shameless episode of revisionist history.

We've already had eight long years of revisionist history. Isn't that enough?

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They gave her nothing and they will likely get nothing in return.

It's called respect.

It's called compassion.

It's called a token of good will.

It's called throwing someone a bone, and they couldn't do it.  They violated every rule in their own book and yet couldn't find any way to appease, mollify or placate, and neither could he.  It's pathetic.

Why?  Either he has the numbers as implied, and then this is just rubbing salt in the wound, or he didn't and it's theft and deceit.

And speaking of pitiable, concurrent to all this, Obama is quitting his church.  Lo and behold.  No irony there; just the audacity of making a politically expedient change well after it is either expedient or useful politically.  There is no leadership here, just words.  There is no change, just the spineless ambiguity of a supposedly core conviction gone to the pressures of campaign which purported to have the experience and wisdom to bring us all together.

And from everything I have heard said and seen written, there will be no real reaching out; no hard choice by the candidate; no unselfish act to unite the ticket. eardon/the-question-that-cuts-bo_b_10450 1.html

I guess I can tolerate many things, but I can't seem to swallow the holier than thou hypocrisy of this hollow farce.

They gave her nothing and they will likely get nothing in return.
Of all the further arrogant, misogynistic crap - `won't wait' ... "like a high-school girl" ... "onus on [her]"

Obama Won't Wait for Clinton Concession
May 31, 2008 8:57 PM
ABC News
Teddy Davis & Karen Travers

...  Asked if Obama would wait to get a concession call from Clinton before claiming the nomination, Dunn said the onus was on Clinton now that the Democratic Party has firmed up the number of delegates needed to claim the party's nod.

"He's not going to wait by the phone like a high-school girl waiting for a date," said Dunn.  "That's not Barack Obama"

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Fellow Clinton Supporters: Consider This!

I understand today has been a tough day. I really do. I support Clinton, but I've known for a while now that she will not win the nomination. Now that Florida and Michigan have been effectively settled, Hillary has gained a total of about 25 delegates, not including supers (I'm not sure how those will be hashed out).

Now, I've seen many comments from Clinton supporters vowing to take this to the convention, and supporting such a move. I understand things get said in the heat of the moment, but consider this:

Do you really want to prolong this nomination battle over an additional 25 delegates that will NOT win Clinton the nomination?

Because, when you think about it, that's what this is about. I really worry about the damage that will be done to Clinton should she indeed decide to take this to Denver. We simply can't afford to have this kind of schism in the party if we are to defeat Sen. McCain. I seriously think she'll end this next week, as she's already hinted at doing so.

So, I say to my fellow Clinton supporters, please, it's over. Even with MI/FL seated at full strength, we can't win.

Let's not start a war that we will lose even by winning.

I know Obama isn't perfect, but I encourage all of you to really look at what he's saying, and instead of seeing 'the other side' as the enemy as we've done during the primary season, it's now time to look at them as the tremendous asset that they are. They are Democrats, and so are we. Hillary realizes this, Barack realizes this, and so should all of we.

On to November!

66 Delegates To Go!

The resolution increased the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination to 2,118, leaving Obama 66 delegates short but still within striking distance after the three final primaries are held in the next three days. n_el_pr/primary_scramble

There are about 290 delegates left.  Clinton needs over 200 to reach that number.

In short Barack Obama needs about 20% of the remaining delegates while Clinton needs over 80%.  

How many supers do you think are ready to declare on Wednesday morning?

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