Dean: Open Up Medicare to All as Part of Healthcare Reform.

Dean has it right and gives good advice to obama on healthcare-open up medicare to anyone who wants it. Medicare could serve as the public option we so desperately need. The insurance industry will fight such a  notion tooth and nail but Dean is right-Obama's healthplan will do little unless folks can opt into medicare at anytime. a clip is below... Too bad he isnt going to be HHS

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Howard Dean on Chris Matthews' Hardball: Great performance

Dean continues to be the epitome of pure class. He was on Chris Matthews and gave such a selfless interview where he declined to take any credit for Obama's performance. His point was that his and the DNC's role was merely to prepare the electoral areas for a good candidate to take advantage of. Their role was to set the ground and the candidate's role was to exploit it for a win. That 50 State Strategy was a long term one that has paid dividends. People like Obama took it to the next level.

But let us not forget Dean who started it all. Dean was the voice that made the Naders insignificant players in the role of spoilers. Let us hope we keep getting more new blood that uses the existing establishment to learn the ropes and then tosses the deadwood aside when the right time comes.

Dean also made a gracious comment about Republicans having good ideas too and that he has no problem sharing that. When was the last time you heard that from an RNC guy with their smug pronouncements about the radical left and those east coast liberals?

Here is a link thanks to Hughsterg.

Even Chris Matthews was so impressed that he felt the need to remind us that Dean was the one that started it all. You rarely see mainstream pundits give Dean that credit.

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Why the 50 State Strategy Worked

Clearly what we're seeing with the new electoral map is a repudiation of the received wisdom that certain states simply don't matter anymore. Case in point, in the south, Obama's victory in Florida secured his win - and gains in Colorado, and Virginia helped his campaign to turn a corner.

So, the 50 state strategy worked. Dean was right.

Whats interesting is not whether it worked, given that there was 600 Million dollars from the largest donor base in the history of American politics - fed into the system. Instead, I would argue - why.

America is no longer a collection of Red and Blue states.  Thats what Obama said. But there's more. We are also a country that utilizes the Internet to help guide our voting decisions.

Think for a second , how the internet so easily traverses borders. If we write a good post here at MyDD, it could be read in restrictive areas of Communist Nations, argued about by someone in North Korea, with comments from London, Germany and Australia to follow.

Why not, the 50 states? Here in Atlanta, we see alot of people from Florida flying through to their destination. Georgia does alot of business with Florida.  

My point is that the United States, is now like the Internet.  Although different states follow different ideas, a bit like different websites focus on different things - the idea of a "blogosphere" where the facts are ferreted out and subjected to fact-check and scrutiny - has caught on in a big way. Just as inter-state voting patterns - such as Colorado, and New Mexico- can affect even places like Arizona (which ultimately went to McCain, no surprise - but by how much - this was the Senators +home state+ no less). Every campaign here on out is an internet campaign, every voter an internet voter, and every presidential race, a 50 state strategy.

What do you think?

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Media Hall of Shame.

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Hillary Clinton may have furthered the discussion of sexism in her concession speech when she stated that women deserve equal respect, along with equal pay, and that "there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country."

She was referring in part to what emerged as conventional wisdom by many during the democratic primary campaign that sexism is still tolerated in America.  Chiming in (albeit ill timed) on this topic was DNC chairman Howard Dean, who is among those calling for a "national discussion" of sexism.  

Echoing those sentiments, NOW and Emily's List are generating e-mail campaigns to the cable channels when they see sexism.  "We're certainly not going to take this lying down," said Ellen Malcolm, the president of Emily's List. She said her hope was for a national discussion to focus on "what is fair in the new political world of Internet, cable and traditional news coverage.'

Also created was an online project which it points to examples of sexist language titled Media Hall of Shame, NOW's president, Kim Gandy, said her members need to remain alert, "We're going to keep watching because we think Michelle Obama will be the recipient of the same kind of attacks that Hillary was."

Ya think?

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On to Denver:Obama is not nominated. He just says he is.

The path to Democratic Party Unity has one track.  It leads to serious party reform to try to undo as much of the Party destruction that has happened the last year as the leadership plowed further and further away from the basic Party values.  And the rest is clear in this open letter to Hillary written by an Independent, just the sort of Independent the Democratic Party needs to attract and have "unity" with. She titled it:

                   On to Denver!!!!

I am 44 years old, and was never much interested in politics. So, you know, when all this primary stuff started a year ago, I really didn't have much interest in any of the candidates specifically, only "let's get anyone else in there other than Bush". But, I started watching the debates and reading up on all the candidates.  In a perfect, ideal world, we wouldn't be voting for a person because of their "Party" and friends, we would be voting for that individual who has a track record of crossing those very lines and trying to get the important things we all want in life: health, wealth, harmony and happiness, regardless of, gasp, party affiliation. Quite quickly, I realized Senator Clinton was head and shoulders above Obama and the others, on every issue, on judgment, character and certainly experience. She frankly blew me away with her command of the issues. I found myself picking the person that has a track record of what I am looking for. That person is Senator Clinton. She has worked hard and diligently for all Americans, and spent years (35) building strong relationships because she has a passionate vision of what America can be. She became MY candidate. "Hill-R-We", became my mantra.

When I read that the "party leaders were tired" of the Clinton campaign bringing up the FL & MI votes for the past few weeks, I thought: well, E-X-C-U-S-E ME! I am tired of not having a say in a Presidential election, I am tired of not having my vote count, I am tired of no insurance, I am tired of little business in a struggling economy, and I am REALLY tired of some out-of-touch, well-paid, Washington fatcats deciding they know more than their constituents! The straw that broke this voter's back was the way the DNC mishandled the FL and MI votes. That is NOT democracy, NOT the values of the Democratic Party and certainly NOT my values! The media has mounted the most biased, blatant one-sided campaign for Obama that frankly reeks of more than just voter suppression. What happened to journalistic integrity?

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