On the whole Tammy Duckworth thing

You know I was listening to Christine Cegelis on Laura Flanders' show last night and she said that her and her people, the organization of volunteers that her campaign excited and built up were not going to go work for Duckworth, but instead they are going to go and help local progressive candidates not backed by the establishment. I think they are doing the right thing. Duckworth has the establishment support they obviously just expect people to vote for her anyway.

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A Different Interpretation of Illinois 06

I too have meditated a lot on the results and the various events coloring the race in Illinois 06.  

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My thoughts on IL-6

As someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about the Cegelis-Duckworth race these past few months, I was pretty shocked by the (closeness of the) result, and struggled all of yesterday with the question of how to interpret it and what to say.  I think I'll just stick with a personal narrative.

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No more DC BS - Time for a line in the sand

The top down establishment campaign against Cegelis was successful, but Emanuel, Durbin, Obama, Clinton and Kerry look pretty crappy spending $35 a vote to ensure that the grassroots lost.

As long as there are no consequences, this will keep on happening. If you can't afford to walk away from the table you are going to lose the negotiations. The top-down attacks on the base followed by commands to fall in line for the general will continue until people stand up for themselves and our Party and say no to the bosses. The base needs to learn lessons from the Democrats in DC who get the crap kicked out of them for not standing up to the GOP, we need to stop the hand-wringing and worrying about how things will be perceived and do the right thing. Most of all, we need to reform the Democratic Party.

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DCCC , DSCC Money Problems

From the Hotline:

Cmte      Raised     Spent      CoH
RNC       $10.8       $8.9      $40.8
DNC        $6.2       $4.1       $8.9
NRCC       $5.4       $4.3      $20.8
DCCC       $3.1       $2.5      $16.3
NRSC**     $5.5       $2.5      $14.5
DSCC       $3.8       $1.8      $27.4

Combined GOP Cmte Cash-on-Hand: $76.1M
Combined Dem Cmte Cash-on-Hand: $52.6M

The DCCC and the DSCC aren't raising as much money as the NRCC and NRSC.  This is probably because the large dollar donors angry at Dean who flooded to the committees have hit tapped out McCain-Feingold limits, and the smaller donors aren't interested in supporting leaders like Rahm Emanuel who are fighting tooth and nail against a coherent Iraq strategy.

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