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Jon Perr blogs a review of CTG on PERRspectives and Blue Oregon. A good review, full of quotes like "...the book is not "the revolution will not be blogged" and the mainstream media would brook "no dissension from the Republican mind-speak", but this was worth noting out loud:.  

For Armstrong and Zuniga, the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC focusing only battleground states and open seats has to come to an end. "They can't ignore candidates running against incumbents," Jerome declared, citing the party's under-funding of "Fighting Dem" Eric Massa in New York's 29th congressional district.
Maybe it's just me, but I was a little disturbed that Eric Massa, who's a very legit Dem candidate in NY's 29th CD, had to blog on MyDD to note that the DCCC hasn't even helped out his candidacy with a single contribution. The Republican, Shotgun Randy is a weak candidate, this is a winnable race; but regardless, what does it say about the House leadership when they won't support a guy like Massa in a winnable CD?

Update [2006-4-6 12:46:45 by Jerome Armstrong]: Looks like the DCCC is chiming in, so good for them: MASSA, ERIC JJ 1 Coordinated Expenditures listed. DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE 02/28/06 $7,500.00

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Whoops, maybe should have had a candidate

We all know the DCCC has been busy working on their strategy of selections instead of elections to annoint DLC nominees, but maybe there could be a little more of a focus on fielding candidates, instead of squeezing them out.

The thing about the GOP Culture of Corruption is that it extends beyond swing districts. The question used to be what would happen if an unopposed congressman was hit with a major scandal after the filing deadline. It is no longer a hypothetical question:

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The DCCC works to defeat a Democrat

That's right, on Tuesday, March 21, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the DCCC, won their first election--against another Democrat.

Washington knows best
They brought in the big guns. Hillary Clinton hosted a big-ticket fundraiser in New York. John Kerry sent out emails to raise more money. Barack Obama taped TV spots. By the end of the campaign, the Tammy Duckworth for Congress campaign had sent eleven different pieces of direct mail to voters in the 6th District in Illinois, covered the airwaves with commercials, and had spent close to $1,000,000.

They had to. Because Tammy Duckworth had no name recognition, no supporters, no track record in politics, and no consistent stands on the issues. She doesn't even live in the district. But the DCCC declared her the candidate against another Democrat with deep grassroots support who almost unseated Henry Hyde in 2004--Christine Cegelis. With all that, Duckworth got 43.8% of the vote to 40.4% for Cegelis. The margin of victory for Duckworth was exactly 1080 votes. The 6th District has 512 precincts, which means Duckworth's margin of victory was 2.1 votes per district. With the money her campaign raised and spent to win this race, the price tag on those 2.1 votes per district is staggering.

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Memo to the DNC: Don't Host Fundraisers for People Being Investigated for Bribery

Look, I get the innocent until proven guilty thing, and I know it's last week's news, but this is just awful:

A Louisiana Democrat who is said to be the target of a federal probe and has been named one of "the most corrupt members of Congress" by a liberal watchdog group was the beneficiary of a fund-raiser held Wednesday at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.


The fund-raiser at the Democratic headquarters was for the benefit of Rep. William Jefferson, a seven-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives who is reportedly being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for possible bribery in exchange for promoting business deals in Africa.

In addition, Brett Pfeffer -- the congressman's former legislative director -- pleaded guilty on Jan. 11, for his involvement in a corruption scheme involving an Internet company being set up in Nigeria. Since then, Pfeffer has reportedly been cooperating with the federal grand jury investigating possible charges against his 58-year-old former boss.

As a rule of thumb, the DNC should not host fundraisers for members of Congress under investigation for bribery.  I mean if it's a sham investigation, ok, fine, but this isn't.  Jefferson is bad news. He's one of CREW's 13 most corrupt members of Congress. 

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Shorter DSCC/DCCC Teleconference

We are gonna loose.

OK I will expand due to my respect for MyDD's "no one line diaries policy."

Basically, the Dems in DC don't want to make hay out of things that will satisfy the base (ie. Censure, etc.) because this will only paint local candidates as crazy lefties.

Apparently, lots of the local candidates don't want the DC dems to do crazy lefty things because they fear being painted as crazy lefties and then they will loose.

However, they are also concerned about turnout. And you can't get turnout without getting the base fired up. And you can't get the base fired up without throwing them some nice red meat once in a while.

Sounds like a catch 22. Right?

Wrong. Because no matter what any DC or local Dem does, the Repugnican counterpart will in fact call them a crazy lefty Michael Moore lover.

So, by not gathering together in DC for things that are important to the base, like Republicans do. They will drastically affect their turnout, which in turn will help them loose the election.

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