Fmr DNC Chair Fowler to Dean: Keep it Up!

This letter went last week from former DNC Chair Don Fowler (1995-96) to Democratic Party leaders around the country and was picked up today by a Clinton Alumni List Serve.

To:   Democratic Party Leaders
From: Don Fowler
---------------------------------------- ---------
Recent complaints by some Washington pundits with limited agendas that the Democratic National Committee should withdraw support from state Democratic parties are short-sighted and misplaced.

One of the long-time shortcomings of the Democratic National Committee has been its control by Washington people whose visions dim south of the Potomac, west of Chevy Chase, and north of RFK stadium. This lack of understanding of anything much about American politics other than the fees of Washington campaign consultants is what has given our party defeats in 2000, 2002, and 2004. We Democrats shouldn't be led down that same bumpy road in 2006 and 2008.

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The Battle for Freedom of Choice

My name is Rick Penberthy, I am running for Congress in Florida's 5th District--and today I am standing up for Net Neutrality. I have taken on this critical issue because in the last few months I have learned how important equality and freedom of choice are to the American people.

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Rahm Emanuel Failure In Ohio?

There has been a lot of talk about the disagreement between Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean and the difference in the Strategies between the DNC and DCCC. As most of you know who read MyDD and DailyKOS, Howard Dean was elected as head of the DNC to promote a 50 State Strategy. Basically the 50 State Strategy is a plan to promote the Democratic Party everywhere and not to spend money on specific congressional contests, but to promote the party at a grass roots level and to think beyond the election in 2006. Rahm Emanuel, as head of the DCCC, is supposed to be funding and supporting specific Congressional races that he, and the DCCC, think are most competitive and could use some funding help to win.

After examining this issue for a while I got to thinking about Paul Hackett's congressional race in Ohio last August. The DNC, and Dean, actually helped Hackett raise $475,000 in that race by sending out fundraising proposals via email. This also helped to build a base in Cincinnati and the Ohio 2nd district, which will help to make the district more competitive in future races. The DCCC gave money for tv ads late in the race. Many people in the campaign complained that the DCCC came late to the game because the DCCC felt that the race was not competitive at first then realized that they should have been helping more, especially earlier in the campaign.

The question(s) I have is this: By not building a base and not helping "marginal" or "uncompetitive" campaigns like the Hackett campaign last year has the DCCC strategy been a failure? And, by concentrating money on the Party operation was the DNC helpful in bringing the Hackett campaign support to make it competitive?

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CA-11: When is national intervention (DCCC) necessary? (w/poll)

Cross-posted from Calitics, the progressive community blog for California. I also posted this on dKos, figuring it would float into obscurity, but it got a decent reception over there. I meant to post it here too, but time seemed to slip-slide I do that now.

Over the weekend, the CA-11 delegates at the convention endorsed Jerry McNerney over Steve Fillson:

It wasn't only Angelides that walked out of the convention with a coveted endorsement.

So did Jerry McNerney, one of three Democrats running for the nomination in the high-profile Congressional District 11 race against incumbent Richard Pombo, R-Tracy.

McNerney scored 21 of the 28 votes cast by party delegates, an indisputable victory that produced a wide smile on the face of this serious Ph.D. engineer from Pleasanton.

It was a minor step for the Democratic Party but a giant leap for McNerney, a candidate whom national party leaders have spurned as unlikely to triumph over Pombo. McNerney, a wind energy consultant, is too liberal to win critical votes in the conservative San Joaquin County, they say, and besides, he already lost to Pombo in 2004. (CC Times 5/1/06)

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Schumer is in a Neocon frontgroup.

I believe very strongly that his crusade against the netroots candidates is motivated by support for Iraq war.  I believe they are trying to replace candidates that are strongly against the Iraq war with candidates that are for it, but won't commit vocally in favor of it.  Their latest entry is Acuri in NY.  Acuri won't commit to a position on withdrawal, other than vague statements that he believes the troops should stay until Iraq is stable.   Duckworth is another stand for nothin.   Harold Ford, Schumer's mentoree, openly says he loves Bush and doesn't want a pullout until the job is done.   Please realize, Schumer is a member of a neocon front group named Foundation for Defense of Democracy. He is not all that stealth about his own beliefs, and we should stop being willfully blind to his motivation. Here is some information on Schumer's ties to this group from right web.

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