DCCC's Targeted Races

Swing State Project has the full list of seats being targeted by the DCCC in $35 million worth of ads this fall.

AK-AL (Young): $586K
AZ-01 (OPEN): $1.7M
AZ-05 (Mitchell - D): $1.7M
CO-04 (Musgrave - R): $667K
CT-04 (Shays - R): $697K
FL-16 (Mahoney - D): $1.5M
FL-24 (Feeney - R): $1M
IN-09 (Hill - D): $1.6M
KS-02 (Boyda - D): $1.2M
KY-03 (Yarmuth - D): $659K
LA-06 (Cazayoux - D): $723K
MI-07 (Walberg - R): $1.5M
MI-09 (Knollenberg - R): $1.1M
MN-03 (OPEN): $1.4M
MO-09 (OPEN): $941K
NC-08 (Hayes - R): $1.6M
NH-01 (Shea-Porter - D) $564K
NJ-07 (OPEN): $1.8M
NM-01 (OPEN): $1.3M
NM-02 (OPEN): $1.2M
NV-03 (Porter - R): $916K
NY-13 (OPEN): $1.3M
OH-01 (Chabot): $928K
OH-15 (OPEN): $1.2M
OH-16 (OPEN): $1.3M
OR-05 (OPEN): $1.2M
PA-04 (Altmire - D): $554K
TX-22 (Lampson - D): $1.1M
TX-23 (Rodriguez - D): $707K
VA-11 (OPEN): $1.3M
WI-08 (Kagen - D): $475K

Real Clear Politics breaks it down:

In total, the DCCC has reserved $12 million to protect their own incumbents and Hooley's open seat. The nine Republican incumbents will be targeted with up to $9 million in total spending, while the DCCC has reserved another $13.5 million for Republican-held open seats.

As SSP points out, this list reflects ad time that's been reserved, not bought, so the list may evolve over time. And I hope it does. While only 12 of the 31 targeted seats are currently held by Democrats, as a percentage, that's pretty high considering the environment in which Democrats are running this year. There are plenty more GOP seats that should be on this list, CA-04 and WA-08 come immediately to mind. I look forward to seeing more seats added to this list as we get closer to November. What should be remembered is that this list is simply what the DCCC was comfortable making public and putting the GOP on notice. As of the end of May, the DCCC had a $40m cash advantage over the NRCC and it's good to see them flaunting it.

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2008's Grand Masters of GOP Dirty Tricks

The de facto reality is, this cycle, the GOP is reverting to media and robo-calling campaigns produced and implemented by a group of folks with known connections to, among other things:

1.) convicted felons, jailed for implementing dirty campaign tactics, as well as,

2.) serial violators of basic FEC regulations.

A comment from a New Jersey blog on convicted GOP felon, Allen Raymond,  author of "How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative."

"As for his three months in a Pennsylvania prison, he wrote: 'After 10 full years inside the GOP, 90 days among honest criminals wasn't really any great ordeal.' "

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GOP Committees Nearly Catch Up to Dem Committees in May

After nearly a year and a half into the 2008 cycle, which has seen the Democratic campaign committees generally hold a 50 percent or even 100 percent cash-on-hand advantage over their Republican counterparts, the GOP committees have finally begun to catch up (or at least the Republican National Committee has). Take a look at the latest numbers filed with the Federal Election Commission Friday:

CommitteeMay ReceiptsMay DisbursementsMay Cash-on-HandMay Debts & Obligations
DSCC (est.) $5,920,000.00$4,950,000.00$38,530,000.00$0
NRSC (est.)$4,890,000.00$2,700,000.00$21,560,000.00$0

The congressional campaign committees for the Democrats continue to hold about a 3-to-1 cash-on-hand advantage over those of the Republicans, strongly suggesting that those who believe that the two parties' efforts to control the 111th Congress will be financially on par are just not right. The Democrats' 7-to-1 advantage among House campaign committees is particularly remarkable.

Obviously the numbers from the Republican and Democratic national committees leave room for concern. The RNC is raising a huge amount of money -- no doubt in part because John McCain is soliciting contributions in amounts approaching $100,000 in value, a huge chunk of which goes to the national committee -- and the DNC isn't matching it. Yet. If you want to help eat away at that difference, head over to Act Blue today and make a contribution.

First Donation

Today I made my first political donation and I couldn't be more excited about the possibility my contribution could tip the scales in even one race.  Normally I don't contribute to the political process monetarily.  I'd rather donate my time and energy.  But I feel like we have so much going for the Democratic Party that with suffiecent funding we could have some real surprise victories come November.  If you've never made a donation before or haven't so far for 2008.  I suggest you consider it, you may never have an opportunity to get so much bang for your buck.

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GOP Ctees Outraise, Outspend Dem Ctees; Still Trail Badly in CoH

All of the parties' political committees were required to release their monthly campaign finance details yesterday. Here is what the reports show:

CommitteeApril ReceiptsApril DisbursementsApril Cash-on-HandApril Debts & Obligations
DSCC (est.) $4,200,000.00$4,500,000.00$37,600,000.00$0
NRSC (est.)$4,300,000.00$2,300,000.00$19,400,000$0
$28,397,883.0817,263,558$66,777,822.34 $0

As you can see, this was a big fundraising month for the GOP, cutting the Democratic committees' cash-on-hand lead by about a third. This underscores the need to ensure that money continues to go into the committees -- particularly the Democratic National Committee, though presumably the DNC's fundraising issues should virtually fall away when the nominee takes over the committee -- so that the Democrats' fundraising advantage is not frittered away.

That said, let's not overlook the fact that despite the remarkable month the Republican National Committee had in April, the Democratic committees nonetheless hold a $20 million overall advantage in available money. What's more, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has close to a 7-to-1 net cash-on-hand advantage over the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee still has close to a 2-to-1 advantage in that metric over the National Republican Senatorial Committee. On top of that, Barack Obama raised in excess of 70 percent more in April than did John McCain, and Obama and Hillary Clinton combined to raise about three times as much money as McCain. So overall the financial health of the Democratic Party remains very sound.


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