Fineman joins Olbermann lie about Clinton for Obama

Keith Olbermann has become such a disappointment.  As diaries and HIS SHOW display a different agenda than that of his truth telling days we all long for.

Instead, Keithie has decided to become a surrogate of the TV personalities for the Obama campaigns smear machine.  A day I don't think even the Obama followers expected to see.

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Hillary: "I have the experience to run against McCain"

I understand that people seem to fancy the distortion tactics we see so frequently as a means to further a bias as we see from political reporters or strategists, but doesn't it go a bit far to make a false claim?

A blogger actually posts a diary with a claim "Hillary:McCain would be better than Obama", and no where is that supported in the few quotations distorted from the CBS blog that he linked from a couple of days ago.

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Edwards Evening News: Steamy Hot Adult Edition

My title made you look!

"...what I was trying to do was represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic Party last night."

-John Edwards to David Letterman, in reference to Monday night's Democratic debate.

That and so much more in tonight's Edwards Evening News.

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Rachel Maddow Breaks Out on MSNBC Iowa Caucus Special

In a few threads here at at Huff in the last couple months many people named Rachel Maddow as their first choice replacement for Tucker Carlson should MSNBC decide to class up its act.  In fact, Rachel was the name most-often suggested.  I made the point a couple times that one factor MSNBC would clearly be considering was finding someone that would strengthen their election coverage specials.  Rachel would fit that bill nicely, I said. (It's pretty obvious Tucker does not.)

What joy, then, to see Rachel seated at the 'grown-ups' table last night, right alongside Howard Fineman.  A quick search turns up a couple extensive threads about her appearance last night, especially the contrast she strikes with Matthews - check out Crooks & Liars and (I'd insert the links if I knew how - I'm a newbie to the diaries.)

As for the on-air discussion itself, I'll just say there was a wholly remarkable moment towards the end, when Chris was on a tear about partisan egos being the root of all our problems - barked at Fineman, who was given no opportunity to do anything but smile.  A truly embarrassing moment.  When Chris finally ran out of breath, though, Rachel smartly and gracefully trimmed his sails, and Keith then (happily, I'm sure) took us out to a commercial.  (Clip online at )

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Time To Review Recent History - Iraq and Bush Admin

Keith Olbermann on Countdown MSNBC does something every once in awhile that's very interesting. He goes back in recent history, since 9/11, and shows clips of something that was said or done through out the process of our War on Terror, War in Afghanistan and War in Iraq. Yes they are three different stories even though the Bush administration has tried their best to bunch them all together over the past few years because they fear the truth being told in our history books.

Anyway, I wish I could show you just one of those clips, they are so very telling of how this administration as munipulated the media, the story and the American people.

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