Olbermann on Prop 8

Keith Olbermann gave a special comment tonight regard Prop 8.  Really, it's about more than Prop 8, it is about common humanity.  I was rather impressed.

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Keith Olbermann is a classy guy

   If you say something dumb, It's polite to say "I'm sorry, that was dumb". He just apologized for the whole "take her into a room" thing, gave it some context. I thought that was really upfront of him. It did come out pretty "mangled", to use the popular term.

There's no reason we can't be civil, is there?

Obama 08

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Hit Man Olbermann: "Take Her Into a Room..."

Imagine a prominent television newscaster saying this on air:

"....someone who can take Obama and Clinton out behind the shed, and only she comes out."

Just imagine.

In case you missed it, Keith Olbermann on Countdown said this Wednesday:

"....somebody who can take her (Clinton) into a room, and only he comes out."

Does Keith secretly want to eliminate all strong women, or just those who threaten to beat a man for the Presidency?

Take a look...

This is serious. It's a threat. Olbermann is implying that "someone" should physically remove Hillary Clinton.  Take her out.  Get rid of her.

Where is the uproar, the outrage, the demands for Olbermann's resignation?  We know that such comments would be unacceptable if they were aimed at Obama.

Clinton needs to be removed, says Olbermann, because of the "negativity, for which she is mostly responsible" in the Democratic race, quoting The New York Times editorial "The Low Road to Victory."

But the Times' Paul Krugman corrected the record today, and strongly rejected the Wednesday editorial in his piece "Self Inflicted Confusion:"

According to many Obama supporters, it's all Hillary's fault. If she hadn't launched all those vile, negative attacks on their hero -- if she had just gone away -- his aura would be intact, and his mission of unifying America still on track.

But how negative has the Clinton campaign been, really? Yes, it ran an ad that included Osama bin Laden in a montage of crisis images that also included the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina. To listen to some pundits, you'd think that ad was practically the same as the famous G.O.P. ad accusing Max Cleland of being weak on national security.

It wasn't. The attacks from the Clinton campaign have been badminton compared with the hardball Republicans will play this fall. If the relatively mild rough and tumble of the Democratic fight has been enough to knock Mr. Obama off his pedestal, what hope did he ever have of staying on it through the general election?

Most rational people agree that both campaigns have attacked each other. Certainly Obama's campaign has not been innocent. It's called politics; this is a rough race for the most important job in the world.

Now, Obama's whining is having such an impact on his media pals that they are calling for Clinton to be taken "into a room?"

It's criminal to suggest that Clinton should somehow be restrained because Obama seems to have suffered a setback in this heated contest.  As Krugman says, if Obama can't survive the relatively tame primary battle, he'll be useless in the general election.

Olbermann should be fired for implying that it would be appropriate to harm a presidential candidate.


(Cross posted at texasdarlin.wordpress.com. Also see SusanUnPC's post on this topic at No Quarter.)

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Who's Electable Now?

When "electability" is a candidate's last desperate argument to superdelegates that they should overrule pledged delegates and overturn the popular vote, news like this has to be a stake in the heart.

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Hillary v. Obama, Keith-O, & Racism. Let's Talk.

Last night I made a bit of an error.  I posted a Diary that discussed my reasons for supporting Barack Obama over Hillary.

It was, IMHO, a well-articulated and meaningful essay on what the core reasons for my support are.  Right before I hit "send" I happened to watch Keith Olberman's "special commentary" and was moved (as I always am) by the honesty, bravery and integrity that Keith exhibits.  As such, I added a "p.s." to my diary that stated that Keith was a "great american".

This detracted from the value of my post, which was unfortunate. Some folks used an opening I stupidly gave them to not discuss the merits of my thoughts and feelings, but instead to get into a battle about KO.

I want to discuss those KO "issues" now.

While I admit that I agreed with most of what he had to say last night, my appreciation for KO is NOT because he called Hillary's campaign out last night, but because he is consistant and brave in his use of his forum.  He is usually right-on, and until last night, I'd be willing to bet a monkey and a six-pack of Pepsi maxthat HRC's supporters would have agreed. Onto the issue at hand.

Is Geraldine Fararro a rascist?  Did Keith Olberman CALL HER a RACIST? What is going on with Hillary's campaign?

Geraldine Fararro is NOT a racist, and Olberman did not call HER a racist. 

I, too do not beleive she is a racist.

What I do believe is that given the consistency in which she delivered the words/message, is that she IS a KEEN political operative, and her comments were crafted and delivered to plant race-based seeds of doubt in the minds of one of few remaining demographics in the electorate left to Hillary; working class (anti-affirmative action) whites. Is GF or HRC rascist?  NO WAY.  Is the campaign using bare-knuckle, and racially devisive tactics in an attempt to fight for its life?  You betcha.

AND let's be honest here.  McCain would have gotten around to this sooner or later.  While it is certainly more harmful that a fellow Democrat is providing the ammo in the fear-gun, the argument can be made that HRC is toughening Obama up.

The focus of this campaign should indeed be change.  But they change we need here is not based in neither gender nor race, both of which are mere happenstance...not change agents. Every day we all discuss these shallow issues is another day we hurt our party. I am hopeful that party elders step in this week or next and get us back on track.  We are in effect giving John McCain a free pass here...soon neither of our canidates will have the advantages we had just a couple of weeks ago.

I am afraid that unless these tactics are stopped, and both campaigns (should they choose to say in the race depsite data demonstrating the futility) limit the discussion to ISSUES, rather than devisive issues like race & gender, seating delgates that are unrecognizable, initiating caucases to replace the unrecognizable, rogue "votes", etc. that we will look back on this time and weep.  

The longer this has gone on, the worse this has gotten as frustration and desperation has grown. I for one find myself wishing that either Obama had prevailed in NH knocking Hillary out, OR that Hillary would have won SC, effectively knocking Obama out.

Anyway...thois are my thoughts.  Hillary and her campaign are not racists, they are however USING race to hopefully find an advantage in this cycle OR to clear the way for next cycle. Yeah it's cynical, but it MIGHT help Obama in a way.  

In the end, I'll be voting for whomever is the DEM nominee, as the circumstances of my life, and those of my fellow americans are too damn important to let pride, bruised feelings, or sexual or gender politics make a fool of me.

~ Guns!

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