Whole Foods CEO biting the hand that feeds him

No doubt Whole Foods CEO is a smart man. He took a small supermarket from Austin and not only turned it into a national chain, but totally took the idea of food shopping and turned it on its head. From an onerous task of schlepping a rickety cart up and down aisle after aisle of packaged goods highlighted by cheaper prices and artificial lighting, John Mackey turned shopping into an event. Fresh, organic foods, natural light, new and exciting products from local farms and fields in far-away places.

Whole Foods prices are more expensive than other places, but it doesn't matter, because people love to shop there, they love to interact with the knowledgeable staff and they love the idea of shopping at a place that seemed to have a heart.

Then CEO John Mackey wrote a piece on health care reform for the Wall Street Journal. The op/ed as it ran had the headline, "Whole Foods Alternative to Obamacare."

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Ending Corporate Rule, A Simple Proposal

Corporate Ownership of Our Politicians Sucks Act (COOPSA) [Suggestions? Acronymously weak title?]

Overwhelming the influence of non-corporate and un-monied power, corporate influence over our political system is preventing the best and most economical solutions to global warming, the health care crisis, and the economic and financial crisis.

Consider that individuals who take advantage of the corporate form, in part in order to avoid personal liability for the torts and crimes of the corporation that they are members of or investors in, are making use not of a right but of a privilege granted by the people of the United States.

Therefore, the people of the United States establish from this day forward that, in exchange for the privilege of being a member of a corporation's board of directors or its senior management, or the privilege of owning more than $100,000 in shares of corporations or of mutual funds that invest primarily in corporate shares, such individuals will not be allowed to make monetary or 'in kind' campaign or other contributions to individuals running for elected offices or holding such offices.


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Unions May Turn the Tables With Capitalism

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A couple of the things corporate America and the Republican Party are always using to exuse their greedy actions is "The Free Market" and "Capitalism". Both groups are eternally determined to make us believe that having a middle-class in America would destroy both. However, it is nice every now and then to see some truly delicious irony. Now it seems as if working folks might actually use that Capitalist system we always here about against the very people who preach it.

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Weekly Audit: Debt and Taxes

by Zach Carter, TMC MediaWire Blogger 

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama rolled out a new plan to limit the use of offshore tax havens and crack down on corporate abuse of the tax system. These tax havens siphon over $100 billion a year from the government, and have allowed many U.S. banks to duck paying taxes despite receiving massive, taxpayer-funded bailouts. The president's plan is far from perfect, but comes as a welcome acknowledgment of the unfairness embedded in the current tax code.  

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How Walmart Contributes to the Recession

The Wal-Mart apologists like to point to the retailer's prices as an example of saving Americans money, but in reality, Wal-Mart is an emblem of the debt economy in the early 2000's.  The company bought cheap Chinese crap and sold it to Americans on credit.  It's a disgusting and unfortunate evolution of the American economy.

To make matters worse, Wal-Mart is now laying off 1,000's of employees, most recently in Columbus.  Now I know that no retailer is immune from the recession, but the way in which Wal-Mart treats American workers is particularly disturbing.  They streamroll local economies, force mom-and-pop out of business, bust unions and then fire workers at their whim.

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