Don't Let The Door Knob Hit Ya!

I am in a blue blue mood folks; not because of the rainy weather here in Philly, but because the people spoke loud and clear and threw some of the bums out. Yes folks, the elections are over, and the field is jigging just like his house negro friends right about now. Today, I am proud to be an American, proud of my fellow citizens for voting the rethuglican majority out of Washington, proud of the black voters in areas like Philly, St. Louis, and Richmond, for coming out and voting ideology over race. We- black folks- were not hoodwinked by republican plants like Blackwell, Swann, and Steele. {Mike, I do like puppies, but I just don't like your party} And we sent them packing to rethink their convictions and their soul.

So let's do a little election Monday morning quarterbacking shall we. Let's look at the worse republican giveaway since post Watergate in 1974. The republicans tried to make this election about values, and things like immigration to energize their base. After all, nothing like a little divisiveness to fire up the troops. Fortunately, no one was buying it, and quite a bit of their own base stayed home. -Covering up improper behaviour with senate pages will have that type of effect-Even white males, according to the exit polls, barely favored the GOP over the dems. All this added up to a long night for the grand old party.

Let's start with the field's home state of Pennsylvania. My man Lynn Swann got his ass kicked by fast Eddy-I told you so-up and down, and yes, I believe a primary would have helped him, but he still would have lost. Memo to republicans; just because your black candidate is charismatic, can string two words together, and you feel comfortable around him, does not mean that other black folks will vote for him. He has to have a grasp of the issues that effects us, and we have to sense that he genuinely wants top speak for those of us who do not have a voice. Until you can find that candidate, your outreach with these handpicked tokens will always come up a little short.

And let's not forget about my man Rick Sanitarium-which is where I thought he belonged in the last days of his race- Here is a guy who represented the worse in American politics. A divisive fear monger er, who intruded on a woman's death bed, and who wanted to ban the sale of birth control pills for crying out loud! Mr. Right Wing actually thought Pennsylvanians would send his slick K street ass back to Washington. Sorry Rick; maybe now you can work full time for your K street pals, or write another book. But don't worry, either way, you will be rolling in the dough. I am sure those mega churches will have you on their speaking circuit real soon too.

Some of what I said about Slick Rick applies to Area 51 man, Curt Weldon, as well. Mr. Weldon blamed his loss on the main stream media exposing his shady dealing on behalf of his daughter. Yeah shoot the messenger Curt! No Curt, you lost because you were corrupt, and if you saw the exit polls, corruption was on the minds of the voters this time around. So stop bitching-I saw your concession speech- and be a man and slink off to K street where you can join your pal Rick, and roll in that corporate dough.

Yes my friends, locally, it's been mostly blue around the field. Southeastern Pennsylvania went big time democrat, and I couldn't be happier. Now on a national level; I hate to say I told you so, but.....Harold, I told you so. There was no way those folks in Eastern Tennessee were going to make you their Senator. I don't care how much you found religion, how much you embraced hunting and the NRA, how hawkish you became, and how light your skin is; to them, you were just another Memphis n*&#r who didn't know his place. And if they needed reminding, the RNC did just that with blondie in that little ad. Come on Harold, I know you don't think that it was a coincidence that your opponent starting gaining on you and left you in the dust after that little ad. do you? Harold, like your republican counterparts, you might need to come to the fields more often, and get a real lesson on race relations in some parts of this country.

Still no final word yet on macaca man. But if there is a God, he goes down like the rest of his sorry ass republican friends. No, not because he is a racist son of a b%#@, but because he is a lying racist son of a b%#@. And to think this guy almost became our President. And speaking of President, I hope the frat boy is getting some high priced lawyers together, because if people like my man John Conyers (D-Mich) has is way; there is going to be -as Ricky Ricardo used to say) "splaining to do" in Washington. Yes, when my man Henry Waxman (D-Cal) is through with you republicans and your big business friends, you will wish you never saw Washington D.C. Old Henry can be tough -remember what he did to big tobacco in 1994? Repeat after me folks; subpoena time! According to one Democratic aide on the hill, there are some "uninvestigated scandals" to look in to. Mmmmmm, does that mean that they are going to look into the frat boy's friends at Haliburten, and the energy companies, not to mention the CIA?
We can only hope and prey. I believe in bad people getting theirs, and there are some truly bad people in Washington, and around this President. Almost three thousand young men have died for a political war, and damn it, there should be some consequences for these clowns.

So Nancy, you go girl, I want investigations on top of investigations. I don't want you to be gracious, and I don't want you to reach across the isle. F&% them! They never reached across to you, and had they won, it would have been business as  usual. So please, let your committee chairmen like Waxman, and Conyers loose. I want investigations, and dare I say it; I even want you to look into..... well, you know, the "I" word. If only to scare the frat boy, and let him know that he can't just go around taking the rights away of Americans to get a few red state votes.
Yes Nancy, work on minimum wage, a new energy policy, health care issues, and a rock solid plan to bring our boys home. But don't forget to investigate these crooks for what they have done to our country over the past six years. I guess when you control all four branches of government you can get pretty drunk with power. But damn, could the republicans have put the bottle down just once.

Finally, I see where Donald Rumsfeld stepped down today. "rummy you are doing a heck of a job", oh wait, that was Brownie. But you get the idea. It took a mandate from the American people to get the frat boy to fire his incompetent Secretary of defense. {Condi you should be next} And of course, as is always the case when he is in trouble, the frat boy has brought in one of daddy's men-Bob Gates- to bail him out. Always listen to your father frat boy, you wouldn't be in this mess now if you did.

Anyway, the field has to go now. I am going to watch the FAKE NEWS NETWORK go into some conservative blogs, and listen to conservative talk radio for some laughs. I am really enjoying this!

Life is so good, I actually think I see a rainbow.

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