SIGN THE LETTER - Hold Congressional Hearings to Restore the Rule of Law

So ... what do George McGovern, Ralph Nader, Robert A. Feuer, Rocky Anderson, Blase Bonpane, Theresa Bonpane, Ramsey Clark, Mimi Kennedy, Andy Jacobs, Jr., James Abourezk, Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Paul Findley, Kevin Zeese, John Nichols, Tim Carpenter, Marcus Raskin, Jonathan Kozol,  and Harry Belafonte have in common?

They all signed a letter in January of this year (below the fold) asking Rep. Conyers to hold hearings into abuses and violations of the law by members of the Bush administration. The letter got some press coverage, but the Judiciary Committee has so far failed to act.

Now it's time for John and Jane Q. Public to raise their voices (via email and website) to up the volume quite a bit.

Please add your name to the call for hearings by the House Judiciary Committee and forward the link below to everyone on your email list.  Through networking, we can generate hundreds of thousands -- perhaps millions -- of supporters for hearings.

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Join Conyers, Students at Voting Rights Convention - Not a Candidate Diary

The National Democratic Law Students Council is excited to announce our Third Annual National Convention!  The Convention will be held on the campus of The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law, in Columbus, Ohio, from February 22nd - 24th.  All (not just law students) are invited!  We are expecting to welcome roughly 200 Democratic law students and guests from more than 40 different law schools.  Our goal is to spread awareness of voting rights issues, provide tools for interest Democratic law students to become involved in voter protection and campaign work, and to energize our guests to get involved in the 2008 election - and to take back OHIO!

The NDLSC is also very excited (read: thrilled) to announce that House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Michigan Democratic Representaitve John Conyers will be the Convention's keynote speaker!  In keeping with the purpose of the NDLSC, Chairman Conyers is expected to speak about his efforts and those of the Judiciary Committee to investigate voting irregularities and safeguard the vote for all citizens.

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Let's Put Impeachment Back on the Table!

    Do the Republicans that have supported this president and his massive increase in the powers of the executive branch, disrupting the system of checks and balances that are the cornerstone of our government, do these people ever wake up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, wondering what would happen if/when a Democratic president were elected and inherited these same powers?  Do the same people that complained so loudly about Bill Clinton's Waco or Ruby Ridge or the White House Travel Office adventure ever wonder how hollow those same kinds of complaints will sound in a future where Habeas Corpus is a quaint and antiquated idea?
    Habeas Corpus is a fundamental cornerstone of our democracy, seven hundred years ancient. Without Habeas Corpus, without the right to challenge the government's charges against you in a court of law, we are sliding on the slippery slope to dictatorship.
    If the executive branch stops recognizing the validity of the other two coequal branches of the government, the normal checks and balances of our government have failed. What use are the normal constitutional remedies of legislation or court challenges if the executive branch claims for itself the right to ignore such challenges? The president's new and self-serving interpretation of the Constitution makes just such an end-run around the rule of law.

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Jefferson: CBC decide on a minstrel show, it seems

To judge from the delay in the corporate response, perhaps the CBC needed some persuasion to get their folks in line.

But was there ever any doubt as to the result?

From the CBC site:

Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI), Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) released the following statement on the indictment of Congressman William Jefferson.  

"The charges against Congressman William Jefferson are serious and warrant thorough deliberation. The law of the land entitles every citizen to presumed innocence until the court of law deems otherwise. We trust the merits of the case against Congressman Jefferson will be examined in a court of law and not the chambers of public opinion."           

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Conyers heading off the reservation?

It's a week before Christmas, so I'm treating this in a mellow mood suitable to the season. (There must be some room on the dial between DEFCON 1 and SYFPH!)

Conyers has been speechifying on what he calls

a "new American agenda" for the next session Congress.

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