John Edwards is Proven Right Yet Again

As we know, the last year has shown an influx of unsafe products filtering into America from China. I guess the days of buying American with pride have ended with all these ill-advised idiotic trade deals that only serve to murder American middle-class jobs. These deals also allow companies to import products that were made by virtual slave labor in Asia, among other places, where workers have no rights, benefits, or fair wages.

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Beware: The Lies of Dish Network

I know this is a political site, but I want to let as many people know about this as possible. I recently had Dish Network Satellite service, and want to warn my fellow Kossacks who have the service, or are thinking about getting it to the unscrupulous business practices of this horrible company. Please read on.

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The Need for a Passengers' Bill of Rights

We've all heard airline horror stories, and, chances are, you've experienced one yourself.  A lucky minority of us have never had a flight delayed or canceled, been stuck on an airport runway, or spent the night sleeping on a waiting room floor.

As air travel keeps getting more unpleasant and the skies more congested, the passage of a real Passenger's Bill of Rights is becoming more and more necessary.  Yesterday I, along with the Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights, participated in a "strand-in" on the National Mall that simulated the cramped, hot conditions of an airplane stuck on the tarmac to make a point about the importance of passing airline passenger-protecting legislation.

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As summer temperatures increase, electricity prices in Texas bound to rise

It seems ironic that in the state where so much energy is generated, the rising cost of electricity will hurt lower-income residents.

The Texas House of Representatives is voting on a key bills today, HB-1189 and HB-1190, that would protect consumers from gouging by utility companies.

ACORN members have been pressuring their representatives to pass a package of bills to lower electricity costs, review the Texas Public Utility (TXU) buyout and provide rate assistance to low-income families struggling to pay electric bills.

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ACORN campaigns

ACORN Minnesota, which has been working to protect consumers from predatory mortgage lending, is making some major progress in the state legislature this week.

A strong anti-predatory lending bill, authored by State Sen. Linda Higgins and State Reps. Jim Davnie and Joe Mullery, has passed three required House committees and one of the two required Senate committees.

Home foreclosures are rising rapidly, as prices are dropping. According to a forecast by First American CoreLogic, 1.1 million homeowners who took out adjustable-rate loans between 2004 and 2006 will probably be forced to foreclose. And if home prices fall 10 percent, that number could rise to 1.9 million, according to the Christian Science Monitor on March 27.

The Minnesota bill prohibits lenders from giving mortgages to borrowers who don't have the ability to repay. It also bans prepayment penalties on subprime loans and puts a cap of 5 percent on the points and fees that can be charged as "yield spread premiums."

Minnesota isn't the only state with lending problems. The Center for Responsible Lending found that 2.2 million households with high cost sub-prime loans have either already lost their homes or will over the next several years.

In California during the last quarter of 2006, 37,273 homeowners foreclosed -- the highest rate in eight years. ACORN members across the country are working on these same issues.

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