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The following is an amateurish (for the love, in this case of America) response to the attacks of the G.O.P. on the media, the media failing in their Constitutional duties of doing investigative reporting, Democratic disunity, and the "conspiracy of silence" thereof.

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Thomas Jefferson Would be in Jail

Read this a few times. Jefferson would definitely be in prison today for writing anything like the Kentucky Resolutions (1798), regards the Alien and Sedition Act, and his distrust of the President and the majority in congress.

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Wisconsin Could be the First State to Defeat Anti-Gay Amendment

Julaine Appling, executive director of the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin, made the following comment in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"It reminds us there is an awesome job of education that must be done."

Who is Appling planning on educating and why?  Well, apparently she is planning on teaching Wisconsinites some sort of lesson because a new Wispolitics poll shows that she is on the losing side of the attempt to ban civil unions and gay marriage.  Apparently she feels that an increasing amount of Wisconsinites are ignorant because they disagree with her extreme views.

The new Wispolitics poll should be very encouraging on several levels to the opponents of the Discrimination Amendment. The poll found that only 49% of Wisconsinites favored the Amendment banning civil unions and gay marriage, while 48% opposed it.  The poll has a 4% margin of error which tells us that this could go either way but the momentum is clearly on the side of the Amendment's opponents.

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Forgotten Founding Fathers: George Wythe

George Wythe: The Fathers' Mentor

George Wythe (1726-1806) of Virginia was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and delegate to the Constitutional Convention. After serving as a colonial politician, he became a professor of law and police at the College of William and Mary, where he taught Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Marshall and Henry Clay.

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The State of North Virginia?

Crazy idea of the morning.

Northern Virginia gets the short end of the stick from the rest of the state. We're used as a piggy bank for Richmond, who redistributes Northern Virginia tax dollars in a way such that we get less than a quarter of what we pay in back. This in spite of being some of the fastest growing areas in the COUNTRY, with the need to build schools, roads, mass transit, etc.

So why not secede from Virginia and become our own state, like West Virginia did?

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