Open letter to the President of the US

...Mr. President, I don't wish to see you removed from office. I wish to see you punished. Punished for the war crimes you've committed, punished for the crimes of commission and omission against the American people, and punishment for all the influential and subordinate people who helped you...

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His Majesty's Constitution

"The ends justify the means. Oh, and by the way, President Bush says the means are constitutional. And he's never wrong"~The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Page

I would like to start this post by thanking newly appointed field-negro, The Honorable Anna Diggs -Taylor for her sweeping denunciation of frat boy's warrantless surveillance program. She ruled that the administration's use of warrantless surveillance was both illegal as well as unconstitutional. Good for her, and good for us, the American people, who will benefit from this ruling. King George and his minions have time and time again been blocked by the courts for their attempt to "bum rush" (that's field speak for attack) our constitutional rights. And this latest ruling just underscores how arrogant and out of touch King George and his crew in the white castle really are.

I must say, that I am not always proud of my profession, but the ruling from this judge made me proud to be a member of a profession whose job it is to look out for, and protect the constitution of our country. Unfortunately, not all of us think that way, and power and holding on to it has become more important than what has actually makes our country great in the first place.

I keep asking myself why I am not so willing to embrace frat boy with his war on terror; and the answer is becoming increasingly clear to me as things begin to unfold politically. It is, after all, almost time for the mid term elections, and all the ugliness that is politics in America is starting to rise to the fore again. The mantra for his majesty and his side kicks has become; it's either you side with us on this war on terror, or you side with them, the terrorist. The choice is clear, republicans and safety, or democrats and terror.

Well let me answer that for you Mr. Rove; my black ass is not siding with you or the terrorist, because that is false choice. It's a a straw man, set up to divide us, so that you can gain political points. Honestly, some of the people siding with frat boy on this issue have become almost-and I emphasize almost, for fear of becoming like them- as bad as the wack job religious fanatical terrorist that we are in this fight with. They don't represent the America I want to live in, with their one sided monolithic view of the world, their moralization of all things good and evil, and their unyielding intolerance.

They -the right-have bought into the Limboughfication-my word-of American discourse. Them bad and we good. You are either with us, or a "cut and run" traitor. It's why people like Dick Cheyney and Karl Rove scare the living sh#% out of me. Too dogmatic, too power hungry, and too willing to win at all costs politically in order to push forth their own agenda.

So to Judge Taylor, I say, you go girl, way to stick it to King George and his crew. Now of course you know what's coming next. The right wing talk shows will be in full attack mode, and salivating to start ranting about liberal activist judges who are way out of control. But we wont believe it this time, we have heard that song way too many times before, and it isn't a hit anymore. In fact, the beat is kind of played. So King George, you might want to reconsider your strategy this fall, I don't think the scare and vote, your are with us or against us tactic is going to work anymore. Americans actually value their constitution and their freedoms way too much. And not even you, King George, with all your King's men, will be able to change that simple fact.

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Hillary At Large

...Clinton, along with Schumer, voted to give the reactionaries running our country the green light to shell Iraq. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan offhandedly admitted the attack was illegal. Sure, they broke the law. With Hillary's help. It would be very naïve to think that someone as shrewd as she really believed that Iraq was a threat to us, after the debilitating sanctions decade, fairly constant bombings, and satellite and cyber surveillance. The time to challenge war is before it starts. Millions did...

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Chuck Keller's Blog
By Chuck Keller

The Bush administration will be experiencing a lot of court time over the next two years. Testifying before Congress, fighting cases, appealing their losses and, as usual, lying.

It's shameful what they have done in the name of "fear".. A sin..

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Reconstructionists are Real?

I called a youth-pastor at random one day out of concern. I was honest about my intentions and asked him if he was aware of what a Reconstructionist was. He was, to my surprise. Too bad nobody else seems to know, or it may be understood precisely why they're trying to change the Constitution.

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