Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

Within the past few days, both Vice President Cheney and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have attacked critics of the Bush Administration's warrantless surveillance program, including a federal judge who ruled last August that the program was unconstitutional.

As Gonzales succinctly said, "we shouldn't let facts like the U.S. Constitution get in the way of our fight to defend freedom."

Gonzales also criticized judges who recognized such facts as the Enlightenment, the Geneva Convention, Congressional statutes, the New Deal, the Great Society and global warming.

Despite the Democrats' midterm election victory, the Attorney General insisted that the Administration would continue to push for federal judges who share the philosophy of a Scalia or Thomas: "We believe that judges should adhere to "original in-tent," that is, the norms of pre-Magna Carta feudal society, when most folks were living in tents."


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We clearly saw madmen at the wheel.

On my piano sits a hymn book I've kept there since my days as an active Mormon when, among other things, I played the organ every Sunday in church. One of the hymns in that book is entitled, The Morning Breaks, The Shadows Flee."

Such describes my mood today. Once again those of us who've been actively involved in what we were taught in our civics classes - and believed -  enter into this bi-annual day of hope with a prayer that by the end of the day we will have taken giant steps back toward social, economic and political sanity.

Many like me re-entered our political process with reluctance, not wanting to be bothered ... until it became clear that those driving the vehicle of democracy had their pedal to the floor, little concern for steering through hair-pin curves and no concern for the safety of America's citizens and the cargo of constitutional protections and freedom.

We clearly saw madmen at the wheel.

Any change from our current circumstance - from having exchanged citizen priorities for corporate priorities to having lost the most powerful global influence for good in the name of greed, corporate capitalism and undifferentiated power - will be a giant step backward toward sanity.

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From the Slippery Slope into the Abyss

...Bush and his minions in the Senate and the House have now formally trashed the Constitution and Bill of Rights that this nation was founded upon and that they swore to protect and defend when they took office. The people of the United States, and the people of the world if they have oil or anything else coveted by the regime, now have the same rights as the German people had in the 1930's and 40's. The right to agree, to not question, to do as they are told, or to look out through the razor wire until they die of starvation, disease, or are executed...

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Fascism 101

It's been a rough week for those of us who still think America should set the example for human rights and rule of law.  One is tempted to phrase that role in past tense, as in these are things we used to represent.  As Congress sleep walks through an agenda orchestrated by the most dangerous, incompetent, and deceptive administration in our history, the American people seem, for the most part, uninterested.

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Wars and Debts and Taxes, Oh My!

...If my memory hasn't failed yet, it wasn't just the Republican Party that got us into this horrible mess. The Democrats voted for it as well, promoted it as a necessity, and even bombed Iraq on a regular basis throughout the 1990s; all the while aggressively supporting UN sanctions that resulted in over one million innocents dead...

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