See, Ann Coulter practices open-mindedness too!

It is almost routine to hear a die-hard democrat question the reasons for why a republican is a republican. "It is because your parents are republicans and that is the only thing you know", "You are religious?", "You are only concerned about the welfare of yourself and not this country as a whole". This past week Ann Coulter has turned this stereotype around with her comments on numerous occasions about supporting Clinton over McCain. She expressed her belief that Clinton holds more conservative beliefs than does McCain. During an interview with Sean Hannity she confirmed for everyone that she would undoubtedly vote for Clinton over McCain if it came down to it:

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Hating Hillary

I read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune (taken from Chicago Tribune) on Sunday entitled:

'Hillary Haters' sharpening their knives

Legion of conservatives seeking dirt on candidate

Here is part of what it said:

"Richard Collins, a wealthy Texas philanthropist, businessman and political  aficionado, heaps praise on the woman he has set out to destroy, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. "She looks like a winner," said Collins,"She's run a good campaign, very consistent, no mistakes."

But make no mistake about it: Collins is just one in a vast army of professional "Hillary haters" who are banking on Clinton to become the Democratic nominee. Like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in the 2004 election who denigrated John Kerry's military service in Vietnam, Collins and others are searching for just the thing that will crystallize the way voters think and feel about Clinton.

This fall, Citizens United, a conservative organization that claims half a million members, will release a documentary film about the life and times of Clinton. It's being made with the help of Dick Morris, the fired former adviser to Bill Clinton who has turned criticizing both Clintons into a crusade.

Clinton says she knows the attacks will come and that she's uniquely qualified in knowing how to fight back. "I've been through it, and I understand their tactics," Clinton told voters last week at a house party in Concord, N.H. "And I have been subjected to them for 15 years, and I have survived them. And there is something to be said for that."

There's been a lot of talk about the "Vast Army of Hillary Haters", I did a little research the last couple of days on who they are:

Richard Collins (who the article is about) has two websites - one is Citizens United and the other is Stophernow.  Both are inspired by a hatred for all things Hillary and both solicit contributions to help fund their upcoming movie effort entitled: "Hillary - The Movie" about her "liberal plot to destroy our future".

Citizens United is a conservative, right wing, organization whose current President is David Bossie.  Bossie was the chief investigator for the Whitewater hearings during Bill Clinton's presidency. He was fired from his job for leaking transcripts of conversations with Webster Hubbell to the media specifically to create a false impression that Hillary Clinton was involved in billing irregularities at the Rose Law Firm. Citizens United is the organization producing the Anti-Hillary movie.

The film features professional Hillary-Hater Dick Morris. Morris writes a column for the NY Post and is a featured political analyst on Fox News. Morris was hired by Bill Clinton to help him with his reelection campaign in 1996, but was abruptly fired when he allowed a prostitute, whom he had an affair with, to listen to his calls with the President. With an ax to grind, he has made it his mission to bash the Clintons every chance he gets. It is interesting to note that Fox NEWS features him as an "unbiased" (or fair and balanced as they like to say) political analyst for Hannity & Colmes and O'Riley. Morris uses Republican mailing lists to solicit contributions to make the film for Citizens United.

Bob Perry - is the man who funded the swift boat ads against John Kerry. The name of the ad was "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth", but in reality, Bob Perry is the largest single contributor to the Texas Republican party. Perry is a Board Member for The Council for National Policy. This is a group of a few hundred (mostly men) of the most powerful conservatives in the country. Some of their more famous members include: Tom Delay, the late Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed (Christian Coalition founder), Pat Robertson, Ed Meese, Jack Abramoff, Trent Lott, John Ashcroft (ex member), Ken Blackwell (Secretary of State for Ohio, involved in '04 election scandal when Kerry ran), to name a few. Their website and members list can be found at:

Part of the CNF membership also includes a sizable segment of Christian Reconstructionists, whose goal is to replace the U.S. Constitution with a legal code from the Old Testament.

The National Conservative Campaign Fund (they have many of the same board members as the CNP, plus Ann Coulter and Bay Buchanan), has a website that claims to be about raising money for conservative candidates yet they provide a detailed strategy aimed at stopping Hillary by driving up her unfavorable poll numbers and printing and distributing anti-Hillary materials, newspaper and radio ads.

Another group is The United States Justice Foundation. This is a Christian conservative group owned by Gary Kreep from Escondido, Ca. They solicit contributions to pay for legal fees for those wishing to sue Bill and Hillary Clinton. His latest lawsuit is Paul vs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He claims to have evidence linking Hillary to a multi-million dollar fraud in connection with her 2000 Senate campaign. In the past, they have also sued Al Gore and Planned Parenthood.

And, just when you think you must have made it through the list - well there's Ed Klein. Ed epitomizes all that is Hillary Hating. His home page on his website proclaims:

"She's a mother, but she isn't maternal.  She's a wife, but she shows no wifely instincts.  She's a feminist, but she rode to power on her husband's coattails"....and so on....

Ed wrote a book, released about two years ago at the time of Hillary's Senate reelection campaign. His goal was to "swiftboat Hillary" so that she would not be reelected and would be unable to run for President in 2008. Ed's book is called The Truth About Hillary.  Edward Klein was the editor for The New York Times Magazine until he was fired for inaccurate reporting in 1987.

If you want a good laugh, go to the media matters website link below and read the transcript of when Ed visited Al Franken on Air America. Franken basically caught him in one lie after another about Hillary and his book: 07

Oh, did I mention that most of Ed's "sources" for his book are second hand and provided by none other than.....Dick Morris.

So, even though there are so many websites and material dedicated to Hating Hillary, it all comes from this circle of Hillary-Hunters (hunting for anything on Hillary to swiftboat her).  Their sole mission is to destroy her. Of course the mouth pieces for these groups are Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and other pro-hate talk hosts. With the exception of Ann Coulter, the vast majority of these great white hunters - are men. Old, White, Conservative, Men who claim to be "Christians". By the time the election is over, they will have spent hundreds of millions of dollars hunting and hating Hillary.  And, the loser in this game is us - we have a whole year of listening to their propaganda.

Some Democrats have questioned whether or not it is wise to have Hillary as our candidate based on all the negativity they see and hear about her, even though she has very high favorable ratings among democrats and she is the most qualified of all the top candidates running.

But I contend that it is really a small number of detractors that exist in this tight-knit circle of conservatives.  They have done a good job of getting their message out and raising doubt and fear about Hillary, for sure.  But they did this to John Kerry and Al Gore too.  ANY candidate that the Democrats nominate will face this Hate Machine.  Furthermore, why would we let them tell us who we should  and shouldn't vote for?

If ever there was a moment for the Democrats to seize an opportunity - 2008 is it!  We will go down in history as electing the First Woman President and finally break through the glass ceiling.  If we do not do it this year, then when? And, who? Don't think for one second that if Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer were running they would not be subjected to the same hatred that they have bestowed upon Hillary.

And what message exactly do you want to send to your daughter, granddaughter, and son? That the most qualified person for the job didn't get it because she's a woman?

These right-wing, conservative, wealthy, "Christian" men want to keep the power for their select few. To do this they will stop at nothing to destroy everything they are against: strong, intelligent, effective, women leaders.  For them, the end justifies the means. They do not care about the truth, they only care about staying in power.  Their campaigns are based on fear and hatred.  Their deceptive and hateful methods need to change and the only way to do this is to take their power away.

Richard Collins' website StopHerNow - did not stop her now or then.  Hillary was reelected to the Senate in 2006 with an overwhelming majority of 67% of the vote. Her record speaks for itself and it shows what she said to be true - she has a 15 year history of fighting the Hillary Haters - AND WINNING.

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The Gipper Can't Pull This One Out

Rock. Hard Place. That's where the Republican presidential contenders find themselves as they gather for their first debate Thursday night at the Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley, California. The vast majority of Americans have given up on George Bush. But the die-hards supporting him are loyal Republican primary voters that no Republican candidate dares to offend.

How can the contenders distance themselves from Bush's failures without alienating their own base? Expect them to invoke the conservative icon Ronald Reagan early and often. They'll call for a return to the faith, pledge to follow in the footsteps of the Gipper and promise a new "Morning in America."

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The Two "Barrys" and Movement Politics

Over the last several months, we've read a lot about Senator Barack Obama as the center of a movement. Clearly, something is going on with Obama, as crowds of 20,000 in Austin, Atlanta, Oakland, and Los Angeles show. Just yesterday, he was a sensation at the California Democratic Party convention, as this diary by an Obama supporter would attest. He is raking in donations - over 140,000 so far - to give him a record-breaking haul. Obama was reportedly drafted into the race after seeing the crowds react to him in speaking tours, and after encouragement from draft petitions. One such petition was delivered to him with over 12,000 signatures in December of 2006. Celebrity endorsements, from George Clooney to Oprah, came before he even announced an exploratory committee for a presidential run. Obviously, both his early emphatic opposition to the war in Iraq and direct appeal to people to hold a stake in his campaign have touched a nerve.

But we've also read a lot about the Obama phenomenon as unprecedented, and this is simply not the case. We can draw many parallels with another "Barry"- Barry Goldwater. In 1962, before he really thought about running for president, 18,000 people filled Madison Square Garden to hear Goldwater speak. In September of 1963, 40,000 paid to see him speak at Dodger Stadium, even though a crucial Dodgers road game duing the pennant stretch was televised that same night. In his presidential campaign, Goldwater received donations from over one million contributors in 1964, whereas only approximately 70,000 had donated to the Kennedy and Nixon campaigns combined in 1960. Goldwater had over 4 million campaign workers and volunteers, twice the number on the Democratic side. This despite an overwhelming Democratic advantage in party affiliation.

The above stats come from Rick Perlstein's excellent Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and The Unmaking of the American Consensus, a book I finally got around to reading last month. It's a great read, a romp through the conservative movement of the late 1950's and early 1960's, culminating with the Republican nomination of Goldwater despite fierce opposition by the more liberal GOP establishment. Perlstein's implicit thesis is that despite Goldwater's electoral annihilation at the hands of LBJ, conservatives had begun to organize themselves well enough to hold sway in the Republican Party in the 1960s and elect a prominent Goldwaterite to the presidency, 16 years after the electoral disaster of 1964 had led pundits to declare that conservatism was finished as a political philosophy. As Perlstein put it:

It was learning how to act: how letters got written, how doors got knocked on, how co-workers could be won over on the coffee break, how to print a bumper sticker and how to pry one off with a razor blade; how to put together a network whose force exceeded the sum of its parts by orders of magnitude; how to talk to a reporter, how to picket, and how, if need be, to infiltrate--how to make the anger boiling inside you ennobling, productive, powerful, instead of embittering.

But what does this have to do with Obama?

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Republicans can help reduce Abortions in America by Supporting John Edwards for President

"Our respect, in society, for the "Rule of Law" is what gives the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights true validation and power"
Marshall Adame

The abortion issue is the favorite subject of almost no American politician. The argument is endless because in a country where many very different people, of varied belief systems live together, the differences between them and the various interpretation of principle becomes the root of continual disagreement and turmoil, both public and private.

I believe that the American people are greater than our differences however serious, or great in the realm of politics, spirituality, or social injustice.
No subject highlights this gulf separating many of us from each other greater than the issue of abortion.

The left and right extremes from both political spectrums have convinced much of America that each is right and there is no opinion, other than their own, that is valid or worthy of consideration. Even common sense does not prevail.

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