I used to be a liberal

There have been several fault lines in this election: young vs old, black vs white, conservative vs liberal, conservative vs progressive, men vs women.  But amongst all those, one fault line is crucial to Republican hopes in the fall: conservative vs. liberal This is a fault line that favors the Republicans ~ always has, and always will.  This is a fault line that Democrats do not "get" ~ why does it favor the Republicans when we are clearly the good guys ? .

I used to be a liberal, and I am not anymore so I believe I am qualified to answer this question.

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Beware of the Republican mole

Why are quasi-democrats destroying our party? Why are we letting them drive a wedge through our party and destroy us? Do they really have the best interest of America in mind or are do they have their own agenda like playing kingmaker or maybe even eventually have a Republican in power.

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NE-02: Bring it on, Lee.

For a decade now, the people of Nebraska's 2nd District have been represented by the "Boy Congressman" Lee Terry. If you don't know who he is, be careful not to confuse him with the guy from the Stride gum commercials, which is an easy mistake to make:

Lee Terry and Stride Gum guy
The creepiness of their resemblance lasts even longer than the flavor of the gum.

Anyways, in 2006, Lee made energy issues the central theme in his campaign. However, after 8 years of doing nothing (as everyone knows the government is supposed to do) on the issue - or for that matter, any issue other than the contentious debate over post office naming - he's feeling vulnerable. Therefore, Terry is taking a page out Bush's 2004 play book - if your constituents keep demanding that you "do something," just scare them into voting for you.


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Obama Enigma - WA Post editorial

One of the things I've been struggling with as a democrat is the unanswered question -- is Obama going to push a progressive, centrist or conservative agenda. I honestly don't know. He's taken some of Hillary Clinton's plans and said he'd advocate for those, some of John Edward's as well. But then, apparently he's taken some of Ron Paul's and Rudi Guiliani's ideas as well. Good ideas are everywhere, but I want my president to be able to discern good ideas from bad ones. I've suffered for 7 years 2 months under a president whose ideas were not his own, and as such he didn't have the ability to adjust and steer new courses when things went terribly awry. I don't want that again.

In today's Washington Post there was an editorial called Obama Enigma. Part of it talked about his reputation as the most liberal senator in the Senate, and then there was this:

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What are Conservatives Conserving?

Feeling ratner laconic today, so I'll just ask my question, and see if any answers appear.

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