Proud Extremist

The good Reverend Gisher recently awarded us an Extremist rating, and we're very proud. It may not be apparent from our writings, but we're really much less extreme than we appear. By disposition, we're a mixed bag.

We're Libertarian in our opposition to intrusions on freedoms or personal rights. The power of a democracy flows from how it treats its most undesirable elements. It's easy to celebrate diversity, it's harder to support free speech for the KKK. Democracy is a tough nut that's made for cracking.

On social policy we're<href="">liberal, but usually give wide latitude to compromise and more conservative notions. For example, we understand that religious people might feel threatened, but we don't think a compromise that allows them to quash non-religious thought or someone else's religion serves anyone - including them. We're also not a big fan of political correctness, in either policy or speech. For the world to function, everyone needs to grow another layer or two of thicker skin. Not everything is an intentional attack fraught with racism, sexism, or any other ism.

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Newt Gingrich: Another Cowardly Rat Jumping off the Iraq Ship


So Newt Gingrich now comes out against the occupation of Iraq, saying that the last 34 months have been a mistake.  What a cowardly rat.  First of all, Newt was on the Defense Policy Board, which means that he had an inside track to actually affect policy.  Which apparently he did not try to do.

For instance, in September, 2004, which is 15 months after the occupation apparently became a mistake, Gingrich couldn't call us unpatriotic whiners fast enough.  

And instead of applauding this deliberate effort to minimize American casualties and to strengthen the Iraqis, we have some of our friends here at home who want it both ways. They want to complain that we're not winning fast enough, and they want to complain if we take any casualties. You can't have it both ways. [Fox, Hannity & Colmes, 9/27/04]

Watch these conservative rats run away from Iraq.  They'll insist that Bush isn't a conservative, that the movement they've built is actually liberal, and that what we need is a real conservative movement in power.  This is the same conservative movement that insists that government spending is out of control at the same time as they pass a massive corrupt prescription drug entitlement program through open bribery on the floor of the House.

They ran on a platform of honesty and integrity in 1994.  And at the end of the day, they are personally weak and unable to follow through on what they promised.  That's been a consistent pattern.  Republican and conservative leaders are personally weak people who do whatever is necessary to be popular.  Newt is just one more impotent rotten apple.

These people are not leaders. They are corrupt petty con men. Think Progress did a great job of researching Newt's statements on Iraq. I'm wondering, can we try some open source research? Can you find your favorite warmongering quote from Gingrich on Iraq prior to his jumping off the ship? Leave it in the comments, and if it's good, you will be covered in glory forever and ever, and by that I mean today.

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Lancing the Boil

The conservative movement is irredeemable. What William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater launched decades ago was perverted into a corporate theocracy. In recent days, Kevin Phillips new book American Theocracy, has received much attention for his scholarly analysis of the movement's legacy. It's worth reading because Phillips also wrote The Emerging Republican Majority while working on the Nixon campaign. It was published a year later and proved prescient. This time Phillips documents the legacy of a movement he helped launch.

The rumblings of conservative intellectuals such as Phillips and Bruce Bartlett illustrate that the Republican crusade is sucking wind. Even President Reagan's former speechwriter Peggy Noonan openly asks whether Bush is a liberal.

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Bush Republicanism: Anti-Conservatism In Action

...No traditional conservative can support the Patriot Act. The rights of individuals are trampled by this radical expansion of federal power in the name of security. The Patriot Act does not significantly enhance the security of American citizens. Instead, it threatens their individual freedom. It is time for traditional conservatives to abandon Bush Republicanism...

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What's Your Mission, Media Matters?

This is a follow-up to a Kos diary I wrote yesterday. Yes, this here is my first diary at MyDD. No, I am not a troll. But in order to get my point across, I will go so far as to ask the people behind the strategy at Media Matters if they are.

Are you a troll, Media Matters?

What's wrong with me? Don't I appreciate what they are doing? Yes. I think monitoring and analyzing conservative misinformation is great and that they do a great job with that. It's the "correcting" part I don't like. More below...

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