Dancing With Tom Delay

Wow, the Republicans have even spread their taint to reality television...it's being reported that Sara Evans, who had been championed by Tom Delay on the reality show "Dancing With The Stars" as a wholesome answer to the "ultra-liberal" Jerry Springer, has quit the show amidst a divorce scandal. It gets better (from the NY Times):

In unusually explicit court papers, Ms. Evans accused her husband of adultery with the couple's former nanny, excessive drinking, soliciting sex via an Internet site and maintaining a library of pornography that included pictures of him having sex with other women.

There's more in the extended entry about her husband's conservative activism...

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Michelle Malkin Career Over

I don't think I have ever seen anything more pitiful than Michelle Malkin's lecture at her alma mater, Oberlin College on Feb 15, 2006 re-aired on C-Span today. It's been over 45 minutes now, and this little thinks-she-the-Phillipino-Barbie has done nothing but read a prepared list of a insignificant number of the incredibly rare reports of false claims of racism by ethnic minorities over the past 20 years as if to suggest that therefore claims of racism are exaggerated.

She took ten minutes to describe the heat she's taken from other Philippinos for taking her husband's Anglo surname followed by a reading of no less than 20 e-mails from liberals slinging derogatory remarks at her for being a sell-out to the Bush administration (which she is by any measure). When she got to the one she had memorized, she looked up will the first appearance of glee on her face and said, "and this one, asking if it's true I can suck the chrome of a trailer hitch."

As I write this, she is summarizing, saying that her whole point is that before people accuse the administration or anyone of bigotry, we should look at our own "liberal bigotry". And that's it. She just finished. I can hardly express my disappointment. Michelle Malkin is considered one of the top conservative bloggers. She is quoted EVERYWHERE. She is a bad fake.

I expected something of substance based on her omnipresence in the conservative blogshere. Instead there was not one mention of Bush, the administration, the war in Iraq, or politics at any level. No attempt whatsoever to lay out any kind of support or explanation for the neo-conservative agenda. Instead we got 45 minutes of "liberals are bad too", and some kind of obsessive fixation on some inane nuance about racism under the authority of her having experienced it all her life...from liberals.

Even the initially hostile liberal audience of students and professors began to soften as the realization swept the hall almost in unison that Michelle basically sucked. In the space of what turned from nail-biting anticipation that she was about to say SOMETHING interesting after 40 minutes, it became painfully more obvious as the questions proceeded, that this was to be the most humiliating experience of Michelle's short-lived, winner-take-all bet on Bush career.

That Michelle Malkin is crème-of-the-conservative-crop in the blogoshere -- the veritable Grand Damn of institutionalized hysterical shrills-- is so un-smart, but pretty, dull but while sultry, afraid-of-her-shadow but alluringly vulnerable, does not bode well for the "movement".

As an avid C-Span Book TV listener, I tell you the last 2 weeks have witnessed an unabashed total about-face on Bush, across the board, among the Rove-effect-coattail pundits. Just today Horowitz and Malkin ran thru a nearly identical roster of issues taken against the Bush administration as if to soften the mattress in hell onto which they are about to dive to dodge the bullet of anonymity.

Its little wonder Michelle's blog doesn't allow comments (Is that really a blog?) Folks, I think we're lookin at a house of cards. If I am right, reader activity on conservative blogs is dropping like a rock. (Anyone have a pulse on that?)

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Student Records Targeted by FBI

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A journalism student at Northwestern  University has uncovered a previously unknown effort that used student loan records to track potential terrorists. Known as "Project Strike Back", the program was a joint effort between the Department of Education and FBI. Launched in the days after the September 11th attack, Project Strike Back allowed federal authorities to have access to thousands of student records. The program has allegedly been discontinued, but many questions remain about student rights during wartime.

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The Amygdala Hypothesis

I have posted a critique of the conservative mind at: democraticcritique.us. MY wish is to contribute to the ebb of conservative ideology, and the completion of the democratic revolution.

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wizbang politics

I think I found a decent blog that allows comments on the conservative side. I don't want us to flood it or anything, but there seems to be some modicum of reason and intelligence at Wizbang. Anyone who wants to engage the other side on issues is more than welcome to give it a whirl.

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