To 40 Democratic Challengers for Congress

This is my view of the top 40 Democratic challengers for the House.    There are other districts Democrats can win in 2008, but we need credible candidates.
This is in order of my perception of their ability to win.  I'm not an insider, so my perception could be wrong.  

Additions? Corrections? Disagreements? Comments?

Several of these candidates are facing primary challengers.  The name mentioned is the one I think would make the strongest candidate.

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Hillary's Drag on the Ticket...

democrats, and especially democratic candidates, need to prepare now for the incredible drag that hillary clinton will bring in november 2008.  think about it.  wouldn't you love for the democrats to face newt gingrich as the republican nominee?  republicans feel the same way about clinton.  no other candidate excites the conservative base as hillary.  they couldn't believe they didn't beat bill, and hillary gives them the chance to wipe the record clean.

republicans were so well organized in 2004 that they had a 1 (instate) volunteer to every 17 votes they got in ohio.  this is well above the 1 to 25 ideal that field organizers dream of.  hillary will energize the republican/conservative base to do even better -- even if rudy guliani is the nominee.

otoh, hillary (like kerry) depresses the democratic/progressive base.  her vote to invade iraq stands out as a significant reason why.  but her ties to the dlc, her failed leadership to deliver national health care coverage (at a time when the country was primed for it), and her defense of presidential prerogatives all contribute to her disillusioning the democratic base.  granted, some women are excited for her, but you would think that democrats would want someone who could united the base, not divide it.

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Ciro Rodriguez can add another seat for us in CongressTHIS YEAR

As you may recall, there were a number of districts in Texas that were ordered redistricted by the courts.  The upshot was that, in these, districts, the winner had to get over 50% of the vote in order to not face a runoff.  In Texas-23 Republican incumbent Henry Bonilla received 48% of the vote.  

His Democratic opponent is netroot favorite Ciro Rodriguez.  This is his website: This is where we can donate to him: ex.php (ok, I can't donate cause I'm Canadian).

The runoff will be some time in December.  Lastly, remember this: WE CAN WIN THIS.  Henry Bonilla received 48% of the vote.  The combined Democratic total is 49%.

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Predict06! Check out the brand new site.

Hello MyDD friends,

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The premise is simple: we all want to know who is going to win the elections.  And we all have predictions.

Will Netroots Senate candidates like Tester and Allen lead the Democrats to take the Senate?

Will the Democrats turn enough seats in states like Indiana, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to take the House?

At Predict06 you can make your predictions about each race, add reasons and links that justify them and share you work with other members of MyDD, your friends, family or co-workers, or the readers or your personal blog.

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The Predict06 Team

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(KS-01) Kansas need YOU! I need you!

Kansas Volunteers Needed Now! We need your help!

I need your help, folks! I am strictly running a grassroots campaign, fueled by volunteerism and helping hands from hundreds of volunteers throughout the 69 counties of the Kansas 1st Congressional District. Kansans want a change. Kansans are tired of the same old, same old rubberstamping smiling and affable congressman they have now. He gives free tax money and tax supported gifts to mega-profitable corporations and ill-advised wars, while simultaneously cutting funds to education, agriculture, health care, Medicare, veterans benefits and many other essential services and safety nets. His priorities are all wrong.

Our country is headed down the wrong path. Jerry Moran has rubberstamped all of Bush's wrong-headed plans. It's time we get our government back! We must right the wrongs before it is too late. Kansans are hurting and our government is not serving. While we lack the huge bank account that Jerry Moran has, we have the heart, the will and the determination to win this campaign. (Find out how by reading more...)

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