Help Obama or Clinton by Expanding Our Congressional Majority

A lot of the oxygen in the room is being sucked up by the Presidential campaign right now. I know there has been a lot of passion for that race, and understandably so. However, there are many more elections this year that Democrats need to be focused on. In both chambers of Congress, we have threadbare majorities. Even if we win the White House in the Fall, we still face gridlock without an expansion of our Congressional Majorities in the Congress.

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Edwards Supporters: Help Us!!!

As an Edwards supporter, I was extremely disappointed to see my candidate leave the race for the Democratic nomination. However, as many of us have stated, our fight has just begun. We are as determined as ever to keep the message of One America alive. To do this, we simply must support candidates who believe in the message of creating One America, and support Democrats who will fight with a backbone in Congress.

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Heather Ryan: A Challenge for Exxon Ed Whitfield

Here in Kentucky's First Congressional District we have managed to mount a challenge to our horrible Congressman, Exxon Ed Whitfield. Exxon Eddie is a Mitch McConnell clone who never met a rubber-stamp he didn't like. Especially when it is rubber-stamping the failed agenda of Mitch McConnell and President Bush. As a hardworking Kentuckian, his priorities to me are a little out of whack.

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Top 50 Democrats for Congress

This is my view of the top 40 Democratic challengers for the House. There are other districts Democrats can win in 2008, but we need credible candidates.  This is in order of my perception of their ability to win.  I'm not an insider, so my perception could be wrong.  

Additions? Corrections? Disagreements? Comments?

Several of these candidates are facing primary challengers.  The name mentioned is the one I think would make the strongest candidate.

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The credible Democratic candidates for Congress just keep coming

I know some of you here are down on the Congressional Democrats right now, but as much as we patriotically criticize the party leaders when we disagree with them, we shouldn't lose sight that we are far better off with more Democrats and less Republicans in Congress.

Anyway, here are 2 (maybe 3) more Democratic candidates who are running for Congress to possibly get excited by.

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