KY-01: Heather Ryan Fights for Renewable Energy!!

In Kentucky's First District our fight continues to expand our Congressional majorities. We all know that with our slim majorities in our Congress we have been able to achieve little Progressive change. Well, with expanded majorities and a Democratic President, that will all change next year.

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Congressional Elections: Americans for Ryan!!

I believe we are going to elect a Democratic President this year. Voter turnouts in the primaries and caucuses so far have shown that America is simply fired up about our great Presidential candidates. Why shouldn't they be? I mean, our party should look at pride at the candidates we put forth this year.

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Ryan For Congress: What is Your Question?

Heather Ryan needs your help to win the Congressional seat in Kentucky's First District. That is no secret. She is not only up against Exxon Ed Whitfield and his funding, but against the well-oiled and funded Mitch McConnell machine here in Kentucky.

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Kentucky's First CD: Ed Whitfield Votes His Stock Options

Here in Kentucky's First Congressional District we call our Congressman Exxon Ed Whitfield. This is because he holds stock in Exxon and Chevron, but not the people of our district. Now, holding stock in itself is not wrong. Making profit and being successful is not wrong. However, when you are a Congressman that doesn't even own a house in the district you represent, and you continually vote in the interests of your stock holdings over the people you represent, that is a problem.  

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Heather Ryan: We Need a National Emergency Plan

We all remember the chaos of Hurricane Katrina. We all remember watching our fellow citizens that desperately needed a competent response to this disaster as they were left behind. This was a huge disaster, but the fact of the matter is that it could have been handled better. The fact of the matter is that it was a disgrace that it wasn't.

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