KY-01: Ed Whitfield Puts Partisanship Over Our Veterans

Our campaign is picking up steam and plowing right along at Ryan for Kentucky. It has been a great couple of weeks. The best part is that Exxon Ed Whitfield has noticed he has a little competition too. Although he didn't have a website during the whole 2006 election, this time he feels the need for one!! Well, welcome to the race Eddie, Now lets look at some of your site:

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Heather Ryan Blasts Exxon Ed Whitfield in Letters to KY Papers

Here in the blogosphere we are constantly bemoaning the fact that we don't have enough "Fighting Democrats" who fight the Republicans by standing up for us. Well, here in Kentucky we have a chance in the first district to replace a sitting Republican with just such a Democrat. Heather Ryan is itching for a fight and Exxon Ed Whitfield just may have his hands full this time with this fiery red-head!!

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Two Great Ladies, Two First Districts: Victory Edition!!

I live in Kentucky's First Congressional District. This year, we have a great Democratic Lady running for our Congressional seat, Heather Ryan. Well, we are not the only first district in the south that has an awesome Democratic lady running for their Congressional seat. In the First Congressional District of Louisiana another stellar Democratic woman is running to expand our Congressional majorities. Her name is Gilda Reed.

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Ryan For Kentucky: More Issues!!!

Here at Ryan for Kentucky, our campaign is gathering steam. We believe in the fight for Democratic vision and want to fight for our ideals in the Congress. With this in mind, Heather Ryan has addressed some new issues that are important to Kentucky, and our nation. She is ready to fight for working Americans against the special interests.

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Ryan For Kentucky: News and Momentum!!

Here at Ryan for Kentucky, we have had a good couple of weeks. We now have three pages on ActBlue raising money, and thanks to you our campaign is taking hold. My own personal fundraising page, Americans for Heather Ryan is moving steadily towards my goal of $1500 by May 20. This campaign is moving forward!!!

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