KY-01: Exxon Ed Whitfield's Horrible Record

I know many people haven't heard of Ed Whitfield, Congressman from Kentucky's First Congressional District. He has kept a low-profile and has few accomplishments to show for it. Despite this, Ed Whitfield has quietly amassed a record of rubber-stamping President Bush and the Republican leadership in all their failed glory.

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Responding to the DCCC

I recently recieved my 2008 Paducah Grassroots survey from the DCCC. In it, there was a short questionaire, and a request for a renewal contribution to the DCCC. I wanted to share a little about this request, and give my own personal opinions, as well as provide my response to the DCCC.

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Heather Ryan Takes Exxon Eddie to Task Over Iraq

Here in Kentucky's First District, during the failed do-nothing 109th Congress and well before, Exxon Ed Whitfield served as a loving rubber-stamp to every failed policy of Mitch McConnell and George W. Bush. In Iraq, these three managed to send our troops into the wrong country on the wrong mission. Worse than that, they showed the ultimate in disrespect to our troops by sending them there without proper training, planning, and most important for the welfare of our troops, equipment.

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KY-01: Exxon Eddie Earns His Name

Here in Kentucky's First Congressional District, we call our Congressman Exxon Eddie. It is a fitting moniker. Not only because Eddie owns a lot of Exxon and Chevron stock that are making him richer on the backs of the American consumer, but because Exxon Eddie uses his votes to be a shill for the Big Oil Industry. Lets look at some of these votes.

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More Distortions From Exxon Ed Whitfield

Yesterday, I told you about the little work of fantasy and fiction that Exxon Ed Whitfield calls a website. We looked at how Exxon Eddie threw away $106 billion dollars in corporate welfare, while casting the deciding vote in denying crucial funding for the programs our veterans were promised, and depended upon.

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