Heather Ryan Shows Courage Once Again

People can say what they want about Heather Ryan, and her campaign, Ryan for Kentucky. The fact of the matter is that this young lady is not only extremely smart, and compassionate, but courageous. She knows full well that the Republicans in this district will once again try to use social issues to divide us and defeat Progress in this country.

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Americans for Ryan: Independence from Exxon Eddie!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!! Today our nation celebrates it's Declaration of Independence from the British Empire. After much sacrifice from that generation, our nation would go on to become the first that was built upon the liberal ideals of the Enlightenment. Our nation would become a bastion of freedom, and the "city on the hill" for the world to aspire to.

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KY-01: Exxon Eddie's Skewed Priorities

Exxon Ed Whitfield has had this seat for a long time and made a lot of votes. During his tenure, he has been a constant rubber-stamp for the failed policies of the Bush Administration. Despite his election year "Renaisance" Exxon Eddie can't hide from his real record. He has consistenty gotten it wrong time and time again.

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Breaking: Heather Ryan Supports Grassroots on FISA Compromise

It seems many residents of the First District have inquired of Heather Ryan how she feels about the FISA compromise, including myself. Well, today she answered us.

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Have You Seen Heather Ryan??

In Kentucky's First Congressional District, we are fighting to defeat one of the most shameless enablers of George W. Bush and Mitch McConnell, Exxon Ed Whitfield. We have fielded an awesome grassroots Democrat named Heather Ryan to do just that.

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