KY-01: Whitfield Voted For and Profited From Wall St. De-Regulation

With the crashing of the economy, and the up-coming taxpayer bailout of hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars, Americans and Kentuckians need to take a hard look at the root causes of the reversal of budget surpluses into TRILLIONS of dollars of national debt. In Kentucky, one need not look past the failed Republican Congressional delegation of the time, many of which are still serving and running for re-election.

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KY-01: Accountability

The terrible economic news of the last couple of weeks shows many things. The Economic Policies of the last seven years have been a disaster. Our country took a budget-surplus paying down the national debt, and transformed it into a complete and total wash of new debt and scandal. Only instead of the scandal being sexual in nature, it involved TRILLIONS of dollars.

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Opponents Attack Heather Ryan for Supporting Battered Women

Wow, the Republicans in the First Congressional District are awfully desperate about facing Heather Ryan. Not only do they steal and vandalize her campaign signs, while they have over a million dollars to spend on their own, but they actually attack her for doing a fundraiser to help battered women at a place called the Merryman House.

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Reasons to Support Heather Ryan

There are many reasons to support Heather Ryan. Heather is a wife, veteran, and citizen of our district who has been active in politics for quite some time. She is educated, compassionate and smart. She represents the ideals Democrats espouse quite nicely. Most of all, she is not afraid to fight the Republicans for what we all believe in.

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Heather Ryan: "Reward Companies That Invest in America's Future"

In the last several decades with the myriad of trade deals we have seen, the American Middle-Class has seen high-paying jobs, with the benefits and opportunities they offer constantly outsourced to third-world countries. Once there, these companies can pay a fraction of the wages American workers earn, can deny benefits, and often can be guilty of horrid working conditions, and even the use of child labor. The sad part is that our government actually gives tax breaks to companies that engage in this activity.

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