the Texas model

This is just too damn classic to let pass as a Texan.

"Bush wants to go back to the Texas model."said White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.

Yeah, I bet he does.

Let's ask Texas Democrats how that model worked out for them. Specifically, let's ask former House Speaker Pete Laney. Here's some background on that summarized well in a Begala piece below the fold:

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Lives Hang in the Balance, I Urge Sen. Reid to Negotiate a Compromise

Growing up in New Jersey, I made many friends who came from an assortment of different countries.  I loved going to the Filipino cotillions, eating empanadas, or just hearing about old Poland from my friend's grandparents. One friend whom I developed a particularly strong relationship was with my friend Luis. We did everything together,and both developed strong relationships with each other's families.  A particular episode that I will never forget was the college fair at school. We were both touring the different booths, I was talking up a storm about which colleges were good, which had the best parties, which ones sucked, etc. Luis was noticeably quiet. When we left, I continued bantering about college life. He simply replied, "I'm not going". He then cleared the gulp in his throat and explained to me slowly, with his voice shaking how his family had overstayed their visa and were here in the country illegally, college was not an option.  Naively, I replied, "Why don't you just apply for citizenship". Little did I know about our arcane immigration laws.  I graduated and eventually came to New York to study business . Luis on the other hand graduated and found a job as a mechanic. He still lives at home and yearns for the opportunity to go to college.

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