A proposal for a compromise on race

There has been a lot of talk about the racism, the race card, racism accusations and while some Obama supporters blame the Clintons for injecting race, some Clinton supporters blame Obama for the same thing. I suggest that we all take a big step back and try to get the big picture again.

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President Obama's Compromises

After 9/11 George W. Bush put the country on a permanent war footing and created a new role for himself--The Decider.  In so doing he revitalized his presidency and greatly expanded and solidified his political base.  His most rabid supporters now saw little difference between Osama bin Laden and Harry Reid.  They were both enemies of Bush and needed to be defeated by any
means necessary.  In this domestic war confrontation was unavoidable and to be welcomed.  His base demanded it, and Bush was happy to oblige.  It was the source of his power.

In the wreckage of the Bush presidency Barack Obama has pursued a different means of obtaining power.  He would end the political wars and declare himself The Uniter.  In this role confrontation is his enemy and must be avoided.  (This does not apply in Obama's current struggle with Hillary Clinton because she is seen as a Divider.  She and her supporters just don't get it.  Once they are disposed of, Obama can begin bringing us together.)

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Edwards Nails Hillary (Triangulation) and Obama (Compromise)

John Edwards took a sharp look at the field and verbalized what many are seeing in the top three candidates.  Clinton's methods have been summed up by triangulation while Obama's methods have been summed up by compromise.  Bloggers, progressives, liberals, and Democrats have been crying out against these methods for change decrying their resulting in failure or even making things even worse.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T0BztvhV pU

From WaPo: Edwards Works Hard to Stand Out

    Former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) is coming out fighting tonight with an aggressive attempt to differentiate himself from the rest of the field.

   "Do you believe compromise (aka Obama) and triangulation (aka Clinton) will bring about big change?" asked Edwards. "If you want real change you need someone who has taken on these people and beat them over and over and over."..."We can't trade their insiders for our insiders."

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Losing Is Winning?

Crossed posted @ The Disputed Truth and other progressive sites

    I'm sorry but I am having a really hard time with the spin on the Iraq funding bill compromise. Now I see why politicians are politicians. I use to think that they were pretty much like you and me, except with very large egos. Now I am of the opinion that they are from another world entirely.

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Singer vs Baucus

While Jonathon Singer continues to hit the bell that the Senate is capitulating to business-sector backed GOP demands for 'gifts' or 'massive giveaways' tied to a minimum wage increase, I think it's important to actually examine what those incentives might include, and just how critical they to the minimum wage issue, and US tax revenue.

I've so far dug up a few documents from Sen. Baucus' website, which I'll include below, but a quick rundown shows items like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, and other tax issues for small businesses covering deprecitation, deductions and record keeping.

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