Dark Stain on Ronald Reagans Legacy [Kerry Committee's 1986 report]

While Ronald Reagan was preaching freedom around the world here at home he was escalating a war on his own people better known as the failed war on drugs. While America's youth was just saying no or getting busted this sacred cow was incahoots with Iran , Manuel Noriega ,the Medellin Cocaine Cartel, Mercaneries , Arms smugglers , Drug smugglers , rogue CIA agents, the Contras , crack dealers, and just about every other nefarious individuals or groups than one can imagine. Ronald Reagan was a cold warrior first and a drug warrior second so in name of defeating communism he went to bed with major players in the international drug trade all the while he's leading a war on drug users at home. Pretty hypocritical isn't it basically we allowed the drugs to be imported then had our law enforcement bust the users. The good guys in this story are a young Senator named John Kerry and a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter named Gary Webb. The bad guys are Reagan , Bush 41 , and their stooge Oliver North.

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Purgegate: More Bush/Rove Soviet Style Thuggery

In this Bush Rove Cheney now Gonzalez Commissariat, political appointees oversee science (FDA & global warming). . Political appointees botch, bungle and butcher Iraq reconstruction/destruction and Katrina relief. . Political appointees set up propaganda office in DOD to deliberately and maliciously mislead the nation into war while refusing to plan for known obstacles ultimately leading to thousand of troop' deaths and injuries.
The hue and cry over Purgegate is that the Justice Department has traditionally been significantly and honorably immune to rank political interference. Despoiling democracy and honor while emulating a Soviet/Communist Commissariat model government is the legacy of our governing thugs.
If politicizing the Justice Department finally brings out the backbones of our legislators, Republican and Democrat alike, shout hosannas. Citizens of the entire planet sincerely want the America that strives for honor, equality and equal treatment under the law to reappear.

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Those of us who lived through the Communist era
recall that the government of Russia was based on
a system wherein political hacks were promoted to
prominent positions of high responsibility. Many of
them had little ability, but made the important
decisions. The eventual result was that the
government of Russia became bankrupted and failed.
Unfortunately for them, it took a long period of time
before the end finally occurred.

It seems that this scene is being replayed, except
that it is now occurring in our own country (the U.S.).
This is not to infer that we have a communist
government, because there are significant other
differences, such as the Stalin-ordered executions
of those who chose to disagree. However, it does flag certain  
similar warning signs that are alarming, and the
evolution is taking place at a much faster pace.

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Matt Stoller is a crazy Communist!

Well, ok, probably not.

But his position on Iraq is incredibly grounded in the Marxist worldview, which rejects case-by-case analysis of strategic interests (the 'realist' approach) and instead attributes all foreign policy decisions to the goals of imperialistic hegemony vs. utopian communal peace.

I think this sort of logic should be just as summarily rejected (and, if at all possible, mocked) by those of us in the 'reality-based community' as the evangelist neocon ideology of spreading Christianity, err, Democracy around the world through bullets and bombs.

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