Downhill for Barack: Polls and Pols

Head over to and sample the data and the articles, and you will see that things are not looking good for Obama at this point.  The numbers show him doing worse against McCain than Clinton does, in four important match-ups;

National    - McCain +1.4 against Obama, McCain +1.0 against Clinton
Pennsylvania    - McCain +2.2 against Obama, McCain +0.4 against Clinton
Ohio -McCain +0.7 against Obama, Clinton +0.2 against McCain
Florida -    McCain +6.8    against Obama, McCain +2.8 against Clinton

The articles linked there are running about 2:1 against him, although to be fair the positive ones and negative ones tend to have different criteria for judging the speech.  The positive ones laud the overall speech as being unique and historic (I would argue that these folks never heard Bill Clinton's speech to the Million Man March in 1995) or courageous and forthright (fair enough).  The negative ones focus more on specifics, complaining that he contradicted himself, was unfair in comparing Ferraro and his own grandmother to Wright, and/or didn't really "answer the question."  A sampling, with quotes, follows:

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Let's Take It Back!

There are many things the GOP has either trumpeted, co-opted, been inadvertently given, or outright stolen during the past 15 years: terms of language, ideologies and philosophies, even tangible things. These things are either now found to be somewhat (and that's being nice) lacking in the GOP; some are even blatantly contradictory. As a Democrat, and actually as an AMERICAN, I say, LET'S TAKE THEM BACK!

I'll start with the somewhat obvious things and go from there; feel free to add to the list.

The Constitution, in all its glory: Let's TAKE IT BACK!

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The New American Unspoken Manifesto

I have been thinking lately about that old quote from Nobel prizewinning author Sinclair Lewis: "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Thinking in terms of the past several years of the Bush 43 Administration, I can't help but draw many parallels; from the claims of "compassionate conservatism" to the current occupier of the White House consistently trotting out his faith, in a way to reassure that we're on the side of the angels and being led by a guy who is a really devotedly religious fellow. And we all know about the patriotism, or lack thereof, that have been regularly employed in an attempt to stifle any dissent. "Wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." How easy it would be to take over this country simply equipped with well-crafted and sellable rhetoric...

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