CBS Exit Poll- Either Democrat would have won in '08

Now that the elections are over, it does not hurt to read some of these very interesting Post-Election surveys. Among them were how President-Elect Barack Obama won the highest income voting bracket of $200,000K & above. Another amazing stat was how President-Elect Obama won the Catholic vote despite a very hard push by the Catholic church on the Pro-Life issue. Exit polling also showed that Jews & Muslims both gave President-Elect Obama a landslide victory in their community. Another was Obama's success in penetrating the once key solidly republican Cuban community of Florida. If President Obama can repeat that performance again in Florida in 2012, the GOP will have a very tough time carrying Florida.

Another fascinating exit poll was done by CBS & released today.

It showed that if Sen. Hillary Clinton was the nominee, she would have also easily beat Senator McCain for the Presidency by 9%. politics/horserace/entry4596620.shtml

It was also great to see the virtually all the average pollings done from realclear, 538 & others were all pretty close to the actual outcome.

At the end of the day, this was truly our year as democrats. It would have been a miracle for any Republican to have won in this environment.  With that said, the win of President-elect Obama was the most exciting & truly touching victory ever. Any Obama supporter will never forget that feeling for the rest of their life.

Lastly, a Gallup poll today shows that many conservatives are happy so far with what they see from President-Elect Obama. His team looks prepared, professional & efficient. Its pretty impressive. cs/blog/2008/11/obama_gets_large_nod_fro m_cons.html

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Cabinet Diary 1 - Secretary of State

It's time for a look at the Cabinet in the upcoming Obama administration. First up - Secretary of State, the point person - in repairing our alliances, in building on the goodwill that is already flowing in from around the world.

And it's time to choose your favorite for Secretary of State.

There are a number of excellent options - some who served in the Clinton Administration - some outsiders - and even a couple of Obamicans. For convenience, I've taken the list from a betting site (yes, it is in the order of the oddsmakers' favorite):

Richard Holbrooke
Anthony Lake
Richard Lugar
Bill Richardson
Chuck Hagel
John Kerry
Daniel Shapiro
Daniel Kurtzer
George Mitchell
Eric Lynn
Dennis Ross
Susan Rice
James Steinberg
Mara Rudman
Bill Clinton
Colin Powell
Hillary Clinton

I evaluate each option as best I can on the flip. (I had to research the credentials of a few.) I trust others will add more data. (Cross posted at OpenLeft.)

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Replace Obama with Hillary while he's in Hawaii

The Obama campaign is having Michelle replace him on the campaign trail. I think Clinton would be a better choice, and she's been great for Obama so far. Let Michelle do her own thing - having Clinton "replace Obama" on the trail would be much more symbolically powerful.

Thoughts? I don't know what else to add.....

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Are the PUMA's with us?

During the primaries, this site was Hillary central much as DKos was Obama central.  I've still got the scars to prove it.

I haven't seen the interviews with that blond woman who takes credit for starting PUMA since the convention.  I'm wondering how many of the Hillory-or-bust folk are still carrying that torch, particularly after McCain's dismissal of health as an issue for abortion.

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Breakdown of today's housing crisis: How we got to where we are today.

This video is being thrown around.  Who here can answer its claims?

Who is responsible for the housing crisis?

The housing bubble caused it
1.    1977 Community Reinvestment Act Created by Jimmy Carter
2.    1995 - Clinton Administration updated to create and push subprime loans.
3.    2003 - Bush tried to stop it
4.    2005 - McCain tried to stop it

Somebody help explain this.  It will be in the next news cycle.

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