TNR Deems Edwards Moderate

Last month, I argued that there was only room in media discourse for one "Un-Hillary," and that the lack of consensus about Hillary Clinton's political profile creates the potential for that "Un-Hillary" to emerge from the left or from the right.  Over at TNR, Ryan Lizza suggests, I think rightly, that John Edwards' star as a candidate for the Un-Hillary mantle is rising at the moment.  There's plenty to agree with in his analysis.  And then his piece ends with a peculiar turn of phrase:

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A Question for President Clinton

President Clinton,

You are known for saying "You fall in love in the Primary, but you fall in LINE for the General".

Are you holding Joe Lieberman to those same standards, being you are going to Connecticut to stump for him in the Primary election?  I mean, surely someone who preaches such profound practices would do the same and expect whom ever you were to campaign for, follow the same golden standard.  

So, does this mean Joe Lieberman has decided to drop his Independent run, even if he loses the Democratic Primary?  Or did you change your standards for yourself?

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Go to the principles, office

A few days ago, Matt Yglesias made the point that all the talk about how principled Joe Lieberman's hawkish votes have been should make us think less of principled votes qua principled votes rather than more of Joe Lieberman.  Ben Adler, echoing Matt's point that how elected officials vote should concern us more than why they do, questioned why Matt sees people who call for censorship in order to get votes as any less blameworthy than the ones who call for censorship on principle.

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Hillary:Survey says?

Ever since Hillary's formal endorsement last June 1,2006 [ id/6120/] by the Democratic Party, here are poll results that projects whether she is back in business or will she fail in this years election.
1. id/6151/
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3. id/6228/
4. id/6266/
5. id/6334/
6. id/6350/
7. id/6370/
Has she lost her touch?..or will her funds still get her to the ranks?
Decide for yourself..I still haven't...

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The War in Iraq and Why We Need to Leave

As everyone knows, the war in Iraq is a huge mistake on so many levels.  However, now that we have gone in and made a total mess, how do we get out of there?  First, we must all raise our voices in concert against the war.  It is not about supporting the troops, which I do, but it is about supporting the man who should not be President, George Bush.  He has lied to us and manipulated our patriotism to the point that we do not dare to speak against the war.  Well, I am speaking against it and against him.  I would sign an Impeachment Petition in a heartbeat.  

Hilary Clinton may be afraid to say anything negative in her quest for Conservative votes, but she will not continue to garner nor gain support from die-hard Liberals and those who have opened our eyes to the reality that is Bush and his misbegotten war in Iraq.  Hilary needs to remember who voted her into office, and she needs to feel the pulse of America which is getting very tired of Bush style politics.

We have to set a date for total withdrawal from Iraq.  If we don't, it will go on forever.  (Anyone remember Vietnam?)  We have to make the Iraqi government responsible for their own country and its insurgency.  Saddam Hussein can not regain power, so we did what we said we supposedly set out to do (right?), now let us leave.  I know the country is a mess, to put it mildly, but our presence is only exacerbating the current climate in Iraq.  If we withdrew, peace might come a lot more quickly than if we stay.  Anti US sentiment is gaining a stronghold in even previously Pro-US countries.  Why?  Because of the strong arm tactics used by the present administration.  

Mr. Bush, it is time to go home to Texas and let someone who is more capable run this country.  You have lied, manipulated so-called facts and violated civil rights.  Go home and let our soldiers come home to the country that loves them.  Leave government to the competent and just continue reading books to 7 year old children...that you can do with some amount of competence.  Leave office now before you are forced out and the US has yet another stain on its honor.

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