Lies & Damned, Damned Lies

  A major change in a personal relationship I have occurred weeks ago while we were arguing. This person never ever could admit to being wrong in an argument. I got fed up and said, "Your credibility is shot with me, and you've never had the courage to admit you were wrong about anything in an argument. Therefore, I won't listen to anything you have to say about this, or anything else for that matter. Your saying anything at all to prove your point begs the question, because you lack any apparent ability to see fault in your reasoning." I wasn't quite that eloquent, but that's the core of it. A miracle happened after our next argument, I heard the words, "And I was wrong about.."

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Point by point defense of Clinton FNS interview?

I am sick of right wingers taking apart parts...posting dick morris laugh and other anti-clinton nut jobs...everytime attacking a different piece...

I wanted to know somewhere to go to get facts to back up everything Clinton said, so I can use that everytime a GOPer calls something a lie and i have to google for 20 minutes to find one answer

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Clinton needs to stay in the fray

Now that Clinton finally has his dander up, he needs to keep up with it. As is properly documented, the Bush administration did little or nothing about Bin Laden, and in fact, according to Dick Clarke, Rice and the bunch seemed to be clueless about Al Qaeda in the months leading up to 9/11. Now they claim they were all over it. As Bush would attempt to call it, revisionist history.

Clinton has been too, too nice to these people, hanging out with Bush Sr., playing nice, not roasting them. NOW he needs, for the good of his country and his party, to stay on the message, and not melt politely into the background again.

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Chris Bowers hangin' with Big Dog?

Is that Chris peeking out from the back row at a meeting with Bill Clinton?

from talk left

former President Bill Clinton invited a group of progressive, Democrat bloggers in for a 2 hour roundtable meeting at his Harlem office. It was awesome. More later, including a list of all the bloggers there

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Time to call Hillary's and the DLC's bluff

Senator Lieberman straddled a wall
Senator Lieberman had a big fall
All the queen's henchmen
And all the queen's men
Couldn't put Joseph together again.

Bill Clinton went to Connecticut and spoke at a Lieberman fund-raiser. A slew of Centrist (DLC) Democratic Senators endorsed Lieberman; some made personal appearances with him. A majority of Connecticut newspapers supported Lieberman. There was a huge amount of political capital invested in this all-out effort to lock up a Lieberman nomination. Mark it down as a capital (political) loss.

The Clintons just did not get it... and still don't. (The Centrists don't even acknowledge that they lost.) Moreover, it's common knowledge that all of the nationwide polls report strong anti-war sentiment, (E.J. Dionne: "Something happened in Connecticut that went well beyond the blogosphere.")

Is there something the public knows that the Clintons either don't know or will not face?

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