Can Obama match the Sisterhood's meat and potato fare?

"To my supporters, to my champions, to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits..." [HRC]

Clinton's speech last night was very emotionally charged, substantive and effective.  There is no doubt that she released her delegates and supporters from the burden of having to oppose Obama in order to defend her.  She should be highly commended.

It is now up to Obama to bring these disinclined voters home.  The Democrats should see some modest bump in the national polls, as those that may have been vocally argumentative to Obama's campaign, but were and are substantially supportive to all the positions of the party, finally allow themselves to be brought fully into the fold.

Regarding voters in swing counties of swing states, I remain unsure how this election plays out.  Obama still needs a strong case to connect viscerally and practically to these voters (the pro-life Democrats, those concerned about national security and appropriately projecting power abroad, those which need more traditional manufacturing opportunities and perceive themselves as not benefiting from either party's recent domestic policies, and those that make their voting choice late and purely from the gut).

I disagree with many of the editorials and commentaries from the main street media, which indicate that the Obama campaign needs to take a more negative approach.  I think the McCain campaign is and will continue to be largely immune to these tactics.  For many, this election is about choosing between something they know and trust, for better and worse, and between something for which they hope but need reassurance.

Obama should demonstrate strength, through conviction to a set of core causes, which have a definitive plan.  He needs to lay out his vision of the set of hard, but correct choices facing our nation, regarding the economy, health care, energy, education, environmental policy, trade, taxes and foreign policy.  A fear of eight more years of pander, of weak leadership and of polarization will drive the election towards McCain not towards Obama, because, in the end, gut check voting is still McCain's stronger suit.  Demonstration that, for these issues, Obama will make the tough choice, which is correct but not politically expedient, will go along way to bringing theses swing voters home.  This convention is his forum to do so.

He needs to feed our minds and our souls by bringing us back to the dinner table rather than the latte shop.

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Live responses from the Hillary speech

No one else has done it yet, so I'll post an open diary for your immediate reactions to Hillary's speech.

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Unity and Hope

This blog has been written because of comments by folks who believe that they have been unfairly treated. Folks who feel that the behavior of posters and the candidates have been biased and down right rude. This type of anger has led to a divide in the Dem party. In some cases, I've read that it has led to folks leaving the Dem Party.

If there is an element of this blog that you feel is trashing someone? Please ask before you jump to conclusions. The last diary, I said, was intended as a positive diary. I quoted something I'd read on the blogs.
There were commenters who gave me the benefit of the doubt.

They are one of the reasons that I'm writing this diary entry.

So please be kind enough to ask.

The benefit of a clarification never hurt anyone.


I came here to find information about the candidates. I live in a RedState. I just have to roll down the window during the middle of "Rush" hour to get a drift of what folks are thinking on the Republican side. But finding out information and meeting Dems isn't as easy.

I came here to meet folks and learn about the issues.

Now a long time ago, I was once told by a lady lawyer and professor that:

           Reasonable people can and do disagree.

But there is a difference between spirited debate while trying to find answers and being full of snark, scoring points, and being a thug.  

Or as my son said:

"There's a difference between "snark with ears" and "snark with just mouth".

Unlike some folks, I'm not professing sainthood here. Far from it. I can snark just like the rest. I like a friend who challenges.

But the thing is, if it stops being a challenge and starts to become a fist fight? It's time to ask why.

There are people on myDD and people in general who've been holding fist fights and it has just made folks mad.

So mad that they'd rather sit this election out thank you very much. They seem to feel that they've been had by their own political party. The party they counted on to represent their concerns in the WhiteHouse. Now they feel betrayed.

Yelling at them or telling them in anger that you just don't need their support won't make it better. Neither will the insults. The slang word "Cougar" isn't a compliment and yes it is sexist.

Another quote?

"Reasonable people will differ, but pizzing in their cornflakes? It just makes them mad." Hannah Murphy

So will calling them old, out of touch, low information, RedNeck, racist, cougars... well you've heard it too.

This has been keenly felt amongst the supporters of the feminist movement. These men and woman have fought hard so that their mothers, daughters, sisters---women every where-- should not be discriminated against. They remember what it was like before. The long struggles. It hurts. Yes it hurts to be told that you are unwelcome in the Dem Party. Especially when the folks saying it are the young women who have profited from the older feminist's work. The older feminist has seen both sides of gender discrimination. When you have seen and fought against sexism or any discrimination for that matter, you know why it is important not to take it for granted.

I am a woman. It hurts. Now adays you can choose  your path be it work or stay at home. There are non discrimation laws that prevent an employer from keeping the qualified woman home if she'd rather not. I am alot older than the younger feminists. So I have seen the world before Title IX and the Civil Rights Act. I was no baby while my mom worked and tried to cobble together childcare. They called us "latch key kids" . No wait I was a "latch key kid" before they even had a name for them. It's a different world kiddies. Guess what though, there are plenty of folks who'd just love to go back to the not so good old days.

These women and men, who've seen the hurt of sexism, have worked diligently to do more than put cracks in that glass ceiling. They feel that by this time in history,  it is wrong that the glass ceiling should even exist. There have been so many strong and highly qualified women who've never even run for office or who've been passed over yet again. Then to be put down, yes I said it, put down by other women who daily profit from the feminist movement.  That's got folks mad too. Imagine you had worked so hard. Imagine if you've worked hard to change things and been successful at it. Imagine working so hart to give women a choice to stay home or not  and then be told by the people who have prospered from your work,

"You don't count."

And these elderstateswomen and men of the modern feminist movement  have indeed been told that very thing.

That's one of the reasons folks are not happy in Denver or in many other parts of the country this day. They have fought too hard and too long only to be told,

"You don't count."

It is to these women and men I say,

"Yes, You do."


I'm my last diary, I said that I would be working to see that a woman is elected to the office of President. This isn't a single issue. As I said in that diary, women cared very much about health care, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration, education, the economy, the environment...

I'm just making sure that I put this at the top of the list.

Not getting passed over when you are the most qualified person for the job.

To me it is beyond believe, that in this day and age, this issue comes up when deciding who will sit in the Oval Office.

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(POLL) Who is Your Favorite Clinton

Chuck Todd was just sayin, most of Hillary's support in rural America (let me strees, the rural communities) were derivative of Bill Clinton's popularity (ie wouldn't be nice to have Bubba back).

In contrast, Hillary's support in suburban and urban locations was based on direct appeal, wholly apart from her husband's popularity.

So lets take a poll.

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I weep for the older generation

Yesterday on Hardball, Chris Mathews was talking to the crowds and of course we got to witness the nutty PUMA women spewing bullshit crazy talk on how Obama went to a Madrassa.  It was painful to watch older people act so immature, but then a few minutes later a young black woman got a chance to speak to them and she did it in such an eloquent manner I was proud of her acting for like a rational adult.  I believe the younger generation will try to get rid of the older people's divisive political tactics that has dogged this nation for the past 30 years. The older generation should be ashamed of themselves, because the kids are watching every move you make and we are thoroughly disappointed.  The harshest things said about the Obamas have come from the older people, you know the people who are suppose to set an example for us, but the lack of this leadership is why a 4 year senator who couldn't even afford a rental car to attend the convention 8 years ago is now the nominee to become the President of the United States.  

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