Dissident Forcibly Hospitalized years, could you be next?

I just listened to a segment on NPR a few hours ago about Wang Wanxing, a Chinese political activist.  Forcibly detained in a Chinese mental institution for 13 years, Mr. Wanxing was recently released and examined by European Forensic Psychiatrists who deemed him mentally sound and falsely hospitalized.  I have written several diaries about my own forcible detention and hospitalization by the FBI in Atlanta, Georgia.  As disturbing and wounding as that experience was, my ordeal wasn't as torturous as that of Mr. Wanxing.

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Copenhagen's Climate Clash

Over the last few days it has become increasingly obvious that the 'Developing Nations,' especially China and India, are unwilling to invest in energy efficient technologies. China, in particular, would like the United States and Europe to front the cost of much of the proposed energy saving measures. Obviously, this is an intolerable request. China and her friends would like to get something for nothing, an unacceptable premise for any agreement.

Climate change is happening. The recent scandal in the University of East Anglia has done nothing to change that fact. We should not be surprised that those scientists misrepresented facts and chose to emphasize certain aspects of climate change over other aspects. They are not, after all, ethicists and expecting them to act, in some way, more morally than the rest of mankind is foolish. They are, after all, only human, guilty of the same desires, the same pressures, and the same illusions of grandeur which haunt all of us.

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