Campaign Season Kickoff in Michigan GOV - All the Ammo Against Dick Scamway DeVos You'll Ever Need

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Labor Day has come and gone, and as you probably well know, that means the fall campaign season is "officially" under way, so far as the Beltway media is concerned. So to kick things off for the fall, I thought I'd give a rundown on where the Jennifer Granholm reelection campaign stands vs. Dick DeVos, one of the creepiest and most dishonest candidates in the country. This election has been called the closest race in the country, and it's one I've been following closely, though from afar, through the summer.

And there's a lot to tell. It's a story of fraudulent get-rich-quick-scheme cults, shady paramilitary mercenaries, lie-riddled TV ad transcripts, pay-for-play, and a disembodied head. Follow me below the jump:

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Economic Space and Big Picture National Security

In the 1930's, there was an idea in common currency of "Economic Space".  What collection of resources and markets were needed by the Big Powers to remain Big Powers -- and how secure were they in their Economic Space.

And in the 1930's, it became clearer and clearer that there were about three Economic Spaces that four Big Powers were trying to fit into -- The UK (as the previous number one economic power), the US (as the recently emerged number one economic power), Germany (as the resurgant Continental European power), and Japan (widely underestimated in its own right, but taken serious in terms of shorter supply lines to the eastern Pacific Basin).

Fitting four into three implied war, and war there was.

And that's what makes the Bush National Security agenda scary.  It seems like the Bush agenda is for the US to have the whole world, and everyone else can have the rest.  If there ever was a path to war, this is it.

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Vlog: Patriotism for something more than War

cross-posted at daily kos: Vlog: Patriotism for something more than War

On Friday I flew from Boston to Des Moines to vlog an Edwards speech in Waukee, Iowa. I'm quickly getting addicted to the thrill of citizen journalism. Edwards is known for his domestic policy orientation, but on this Friday night Edwards chose to focus his remarks on America's role in the world.

Edwards is clearly talking about how his anti-poverty crusade, based on a new sense of American patriotism and moral values, are an essential ingredient to our foreign policy. His thinking on American leadership in the world is inextricably linked to his strong belief in community, patriotism and morality that we need to demonstrate through our actions here at home and abroad.

Follow me below the fold for the video of Edwards and the interviews I did on a warm and breezy Friday night in a small Iowa town when all of us in the school gym were thinking about the world outside, far outside.

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Balance of Power in the Next World Order

Not only is the Next World Order already here, we're already seeing a typical example of how power plays will be executed in it.  

Under the fold: lions and tigers and bears, oh my!...

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Funny Stuff

Funny stuff is happening. For the last two months, I have not been able to access one of my favorite sites, Think Progress. I have tried gaining access directly from both Google and Yahoo. I have attempted this with both Earthlink dial-up and Verizon DSL. No joy. I have tried various different Browser programs, only to obtain the results below:

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