Electric Speeeeeeed!!!

One of the most pervasive views that I have worked hard against is that electric vehicles are small, slow, derivatives of golf carts. Golf carts may be slow, but electric vehicles never have been.

The Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat of Paris, France on his electric vehicle the Jeantaud landspeed.com

I just want to set the record straight. The first speed record ever recorded for an automobile was done on December 18, 1898 in an electric vehicle.

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Green Teeth

You must have heard the expression put your money where your mouth is? Do you ever wonder what that means? Put your money where your mouth is? It means instead of preaching to people what they should do, live by example. Some people say it means that we pay for the changes we want. So, for all of us who like to sit around and talk about ecology, pollution and climate change how about we try to do something about it. Put our money where our mouths are.

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We Need Your Help With an Electric Vehicle Event

The Electric Vehicle Association of Washington, DC and the National Electric Drag Racing Association are putting on an exhibition of electric vehicles and their capabilities called the Power of DC. The event has been held for the last six years at the Mason-Dixon Drag Way in Hagerstown, Maryland. This year, the seventh year of the event, we are adding an autocross event the day before the drag race. This will be an EV autocross event, (dubbed EVautoX). The EVautoX will take place at Hagerstown Community College June 2nd, admission is free. The electric vehicle drag race event will take place at the Mason Dixon Drag Way on June 3rd, spectator admission is $5.

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I Need a MyDD Blitz

In the last few days on the Vote for the Volt site the number of people voting negatively against the Volt has jumped. The Chevy Volt is an automobile that runs mainly off of electricity. It is one really great way to get off of foreign oil that funds terrorism. I want everyone who reads to go to the Chevy site and vote for the Volt.  

Click here to go to the Chevy Volt website
When at the site go to the lower part of the page and to the left. Click on Vote for Volt Survey. Vote yes on both questions.

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Help Me Put Cleaner Cars on the Road

Last week I introduced "The Clean Car Discount Act of 2007" (AB 493) to reduce harmful global warming and smog-forming pollution from passenger vehicles by establishing an innovative program to make cleaner cars and light duty trucks more affordable.  This is a market-based program that will provide one-time rebates on purchases of new vehicles that are cleaner.  The rebates are funded by one-time surcharges on new vehicles with very high emissions of global warming pollution.  AB 493 is sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and strongly supported by major environmental and consumer groups.

Last year the Legislature and the Governor joined together and passed AB 32, The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.  The Governor, the Legislature, and the people of California have said that global warming is a top priority.

It is critical that we establish a program like this now. Transportation accounts for over 40 percent of global warming emissions in this state, and 2/3 of that is from passenger cars and light trucks. That's as much global warming pollution as all of the industrial sources in the state combined.  California is a car culture, and we will have to address the vehicles we drive if we are ever going to meet the global warming targets we've set.

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