Oct 30, 2008

Dear Elana,
I am off to darkest Virginia where the fierce Virginianistanis live. Morning becomes elections. I will bring back some native arts and crafts. A voyage to Virginia to see the fierce Virginianians needs no frequent flyer miles, but lots of courage. If one day you see my shrunken head in a Walmart, please reclaim.

Oct 31, 2008
Dear Elana,
I have returned. I am beat and broken and bent and blized. Too tired to smile, too happy to stand.

Obama High Command sent me to York Pa, rather than Virginia. York must be minus 200 Watts more depressed than the darkest corner of VA. I think there has been no employment in York since Wieder closed the barbell factory, which on second thought might not have been owned by ol' Joe Wieder and might not be closed, but you get my point. Things are more bleak in York than in the bottom of a buggy whip mine, but we worked at a fevered pace to spread the good word. We knocked on 110 doors and reminded 29 souls of the election. Never in my life had I expected to be a missionary but it was OK. I saved souls and stayed out of the pot.

Nov 2, 2008

Dear Elana,

I will report my Tuesday experience at the polls on Wed. I am precinct Deputy Chair and expect my hands to be full with the problems caused by long lines of Democratic voters. Dozens of Republicans will also attempt to vote --  at the wrong elementary school. Poor souls have been lost for years. Further reports on Wed.

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A challenge

So you want Barack Obama elected president?  I certainly do.  Maybe you are spending a lot of time online, searching for the latest Palin mini-scandal that doesn't seem to gain traction in the MSM which has been muzzled yet again by the latest right wing whine fest.  Maybe you are concerned about the latest tracking poll that shows McCain getting a convention bounce.  If this describes you then I have an idea.

Get off your ass and do something!

What I mean after the jump...

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OH-16: John Boccieri - Boots on the Ground!

Cross-posted from OH-16: John Boccieri for U.S. Congress

Weather Does Not Dampen Will of Ohio's Fighting 16th Congressional District!

I had the opportunity to catch up with Ian Walton, Campaign Manager for John Boccieri for Congress, this afternoon. Mother nature wasn't very cooperative with rain showers, wind gusts, and unusually cool temperatures, but that doesn't stop "The Boccieri Corps" here in the fighting 16th District!

Ian reported, here, to "The Out-Post":

It's encouraging to know that supporters for the Major are anxious and ready to mobilize whether rain or shine!

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Scranton Hangover

So I survived Scranton, PA and got the best birthday present in the bargain.

Yep, today is the 17th anniversary of my 40th birthday.  I am an old fart Hillary supporter.  Last night in Scranton I was totally surprised when the Clinton campaign threw a party for me.  They even had a large screen so we could watch the election returns while drinking and toasting Hillary, Fiona, Hugh Rodham and of course me. ;-)

This little vid is my friend Teresa.  Let me know if you don't want everyone seeing you toast Hillary.

The room is full of lots of young old Hill supporters.  People still fighting the battles of the 90's.  Battles like equal pay for equal work.  Battles like the right to live with and love whomever they want.  Battles like a woman's right to control her own destiny.  Yes these old folks are fighting some old battles that are still to be won.

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Primary Day in Scranton

Honking horns and thumbs up are the order of the day.

Primary day is here.  This morning I decided to site see and I headed up into the hills towards where Hillary spent some good old summer time. I drove through Clark's Summit and got myself onto back roads in the general direction of Lake Winola. I saw beautiful country wherever I looked and tonight I'll post some of the pics I took of Pennsylvania barns and farm country.  Of course, if the party is what I hope I may be too in the bag to write again until tomorrow.

I spent two hours exploring the hills then returned to town for noon time visibility at the corner of Jefferson and Spruce.  There were women from Florida who'd ridden a bus just for today.  There were women from Syracuse who drove down for the day.  People had "Honk 4 Hill" signs and I had a totem pole of 3 signs.  Well the honking was almost nonstop.  Honking and thumbs up.

After an hour or so I moved a block over into the heart of University of Scranton.  Stood by myself on a corner wondering what if anything would happen.  Surprise.  I got the same honking and thumbs up without a honk sign and the few college girls who spoke with me just said good luck and go Hillary.  This is really Hillary Country.

Then in the afternoon I took a canvas packet by myself and went to meet Hillary's Dad.

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