Governor Granholm to Give Kos some Love

It looks like Governor Granholm, herself, will be writing on Kos and taking questions tomorrow (Wed.) morning. How exciting! Maybe she will make an appearance at MyDD?

The post also includes a new ad just released by the Michigan Democratic Party.

Who: Gov. Jennifer Granholm
What: Diary on Daily Kos
When: Wednesday, September 13, 11:15am - 12:15pm EST

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TN politics may cause a loss for Democrats across this country!

Does the TN Democratic Party ask for help and get ignored? Do they just not ask? Do they just want the rest of the Democrats in this country to ignore what seems to be the GOOD OLD BOY passage of politics - you know the keep your nose out of my back yard type of politics? Well I have some big news for the Democrats in TN, the 2006 elections aren't just about Tennessee! Democrats all over this country are working hard to put a democratic Senate and House in place. So, what is wrong in Tennessee, and especially in Harold Ford Jr's back yard - Memphis, Shelby County, West Tennessee? Wake up Tennessee, you are a part of the country and the rest of America's Democrats are counting on you!

I went to a local Democratic meeting yesterday and came away dismayed - should I give up - I see little hope here for the West end of TN - (I have my doubts for this state anyway-but beyond that) this can shake the most steadfast Democratic heart! Only the Mighty-Thunder of the bloggs and the netroots can help save this one!

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Crashing the Stargate, Progressive Cabals, and What Progressive Wonks Just Don't Get.

This diary was written expressly for Daily Kos, but I thought other progressive bloggers might find it interesting.

Yesterday I was devastated. A friend told me my favorite TV show Stargate, had been cancelled. This was actually announced last week, but I'm not involved in online fandom, so I had to get the 411 the old fashioned way. My friend is entrenched in online fandom, so I guess I'm in the second tier for info propagation from Stargate fandom ground zero. This is approximately where I would put myself in the progressive politics information stream, as well. Not in the room, but an interested party with my nose stuck to the window.

The word "devastated" might strike some as grotesque hyperbole in the context of a cheesy sci fi show. Wouldn't it be more appropriate for me to be devastated over Darfur or the warehousing of the poor in the U.S.? I've been pondering this for the last 24 hours, and I believe I've come up with some insights that may be of use to Kossacks and other people involved in political campaigns.

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Why California has worse flood protection than NOLA

With the Katrina anniversary, there has been lots of talk about what government needs to do to protect citizens from another disaster. The other day, California Assemblymember John Laird told the Capitol Weekly, "We have less flood protection than they had in New Orleans. Sacramento is really not protected and the thousands of people who live here are at risk." But this wasn't a story about the anniversary, this was a report on how flood protection in California died a suspicious death in the legislature:

This week, just as Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata put on hold an eight-bill package of flood-protection legislation, one of his political committees received a $500,000 donation from the California Building Industry Association (CBIA), one of the package's biggest opponents.

The donation is the single largest that a Perata committee has received since he became Senate leader in 2004.

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All Lieberman, all the time

I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with what I have been reading on the blogs of late.   It is great that Ned Lamont won, the primary.  Now is certainly the time to rally to his cause.  But there are also dozens of other important races taking place around the country that involve Democrats and our chance to recapture at least one chamber of Congress in November.

It seems like almost every other post (not just here, but on several other blogs) is focused on Joe Lieberman.  I would think at this point his name would be the one least uttered.   He lost.  He is no longer a Democrat.  He is not deserving of this attention.  Attention that could be focused on introducing a lot of great Democratic candidates to the readers here, or supporting their causes.

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