John Evans vs, Jason White

I was actually really excited about White opposing Evans.  Anyone who has passed through Edinboro, pa can tell you all the dirty little secrets that Evans' posses.  For crying out loud, it's common knowledge that his underage daughter loves to party while daddy is cracking down on meth addicts.  Hypocrisy.  

I watched as election day grew near and saw very little of White and heard way too much from Evans.  Looking at the primaries, his own party didn't want him.  So why did White lose?  Money plays a huge factor, but i think even more than money was the fact that unless people were following this race, they had no idea who White was.  Of course with Evans being around for a while, his name is remembered.  I think the democrats in this area could learn something from this.  I am just not sure they care.

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Who's Really Using Social Networks?

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By now there is a standard story about social networks and politics.  It goes something like "Young people congregate on MySpace and other social networks.  If politicians want to tap the power of the youth vote that emerged in '04, they need a presence on these networks.  This is starting to happen, and FaceBook and MySpace administrators are actively facilitating it."

But who really is on social networks?  A new study suggests that social networking isn't just for young people.  In fact, it's mostly for folks over 34.

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Calling all Progressives and WV Dems

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Today marks the end of the 2nd Quarter of fundraising, and so we all have a small and simple task to do- help those candidates who deserve our support with a small but highly needed contribution to boost those numbers. Mike Callaghan in WV-02 is challenging Shelley Moore Capito (daughter of the West Virginia's convict Republican Governor Arch Moore and rubber-stamp ally to President Bush) and has been taking it to her, attacking hard on Higher Ed and education funding, as well as her dangerous support for reckless tax-cuts and stubborn unwavering support for Iraq. Mike Callaghan needs your help!  Contribute and make the difference for West Virginia and the country! If you need more convincing read on...

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Another Oregon Race - Building for the Future

Jonathan Singer's posting about his Oregon race made me think some folks here might be interested in another Oregon State House race.    

Progressive Tobias Read is fighting hard in his first race for elected office.  Tobias used to work here in DC for an environmental group, fighting global warming and air pollution.  He's a great guy and will be a fantastic leader.  

If you have any interest in Oregon politics and Oregon's future I urge you to consider donating.

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September 18th: Fifty Days, Fifty Bucks

Monday, September 18th will mark 50 days to go before the election.  While Democratic challengers have done an excellent job of raising money for the most part, they are still well under-funded when compared to the Republicans they are running against.  Plus we are already seeing the beginnings of 3rd party funding for ads by right-wing groups, the RNC and the NRCC that will probably dwarf the campaign budgets of most Democratic congressional candidates.  While the national polls show good news for the Democrats, the Republican onslaught is coming.

So what is it worth to try to help the Democrats get their message out, or to counter the coming attacks?  How about a dollar a day?  My suggestion is to send $50 to a Democratic candidate, a Democratic PAC, or some other Democratic fund of your choice.  It will be your down-payment on the rest of the campaign season and also get funds to candidates before the all-important September 30th reporting deadline.

Maybe you have one candidate you really want to see win and want to focus your $50 there.  If you want to try to help a number of candidates you may decide to give to a multi-candidate PAC (If you choose this option please consider the PAC I am involved with, Blue Catapult at  Maybe you want to spread your $50 around, and if so, the netroots ActBlue page would probably be a good resource.

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